It’s that time of year again! Even if I don’t follow all of these blogs, these people are the ones who have most appeared in the tag, on my dash, and/or have provided a great backlog of quality stuff to keep things moving and shaking on this blog. They’re not all Robbie-centric but it doesn’t stop them being awesome.

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luisescott asked:

When you get this answer with five things that make you happy and then send this to the last ten people in your activity so they can be happy too.

Oh, thank you for asking! So, five things that makes me happy, hmm?
1. My bed. Seriously, love it. It’s soft and warm and simply perfect.
2. My teddy bear I sleep with. I have it since I was, like, seven and even now I can’t sleep without it. <3
3. MUSIC. Music is my life, guys. *-*
4. Watching tv shows.
5. FOOD.

So, I tag: alwaysblameitonthenargles, island-of-mysfits, tay-is-spoopy, smithsclara, outofmyleagueofevil, ruinedchildhood, whydouwantaname, itsawonderfulfandomworld, lyriumglow, queen-of-the-rising-demons. :)