Request: Hi!! Can you do one where daryl is really protective of you and Merle gets to close and he gets mad at him? Thanks!

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count:


Warnings: Cursing (?)

Author: Mysfit


It had been a few days since Daryl had returned with his brother, having left the group after you and the others had busted into Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Honestly, you’d been hurt that he’d left like that, without even so much as a goodbye; after all, the two of you had gotten close, and Daryl had become particularly defensive when it came to matters that involved you. He protected you; it was as simple as that. The only confusion was which way he cared about you. Getting an answer to that was as hard as trying to find good bread; impossible.

Honestly, you didn’t, for the most part, care for his brother, Merle. He was rude, vulgar, perverted, and seemed to treat Daryl badly; though you knew that he cared about his brother, even if it was very hard to see. Needless to say when he was allowed to roam the prison you weren’t thrilled.

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Request: Hi!! Could you do one where the reader and daryl go for a run and they get surrounded so they have to hide for the night but they’re in close quarters so they have to cuddle?? Sorry it’s long!!

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 1,447

Warnings: Cussing (if that’s considered a warning)

Author: Mysfit


“Out of all the vehicles we have, you choose to ride a loud ass motorcycle!” you shouted, clinging onto Daryl’s vest. “Might as well run down the street with a boom box strapped to your back playing Run-D.M.C.!” Daryl revved the bike, a louder sound ringing in your ears. “Oh please, attract all the walkers you can!”

“The only thing that’s gonna attract the walkers is your loud mouth!” Daryl replied. “Now shut it before I kick your ass off and leave you here!” You rolled your eyes and yelped as the bike turned a corner, almost sending you falling off and to the ground. Of all the people to go on a run with, it had to be the guy who rode a motorcycle.

“What’s gonna happen if we find a bunch of supplies, huh? In case you haven’t noticed, we can’t exactly fix a box on here!”

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It’s that time of year again! Even if I don’t follow all of these blogs, these people are the ones who have most appeared in the tag, on my dash, and/or have provided a great backlog of quality stuff to keep things moving and shaking on this blog. They’re not all Robbie-centric but it doesn’t stop them being awesome.

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Author: Mysfit

Original Imagine Link: *Click*

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,699


Of all the appropriate times to fall in love, the end of the world was the least suitable. Who, after all, would want to care about someone so much under the constant threat of having that person ripped away from them at any moment? The quote, “Love comes at the most unexpected times,” was true and surely an understatement, especially with you. You definitely hadn’t seen it coming at you faster than a stallion on steroids. It was also true that love came from the most unexpected people. When you used to imagine your future, it involved a well-known, respectable man, two or three kids, a nice dog, a beautiful house with a big yard and maybe a few horses. Your reality was a different; a prison, a group of people you hadn’t expected to know and get close to, no animals, a baby that wasn’t yours and a handsome, dirty, hotheaded, sometimes bad-mannered redneck that you hadn’t told anyone you were involved with.

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ayeeee, just wanted to make something to let everyone know that i love them a lot. it takes a lot for me to follow people and i just gotta let y’all know that you are amazing. my dash is constantly filled with lots of great things because of these people below. it’s been a pretty shitty year tbh and i probably would have been a very sad person without all of you. thanks to all my friends who somehow deal with all my stupid messages when i randomly tell you to have a good day for no reason or whatever the hell else i say and if we don’t talk you probably made something that inspired me to be a better graphic maker, or fulfilled a request i had, or even made me laugh because i actually do read all of your tags. basically i love you all, thank you for being great people and running great blogs and shit. i hope the new year brings you lots of great things.
(also my bad on the edit like idk i tried something new? that’s all your urls in the background i thought i was nifty as hell for that)

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Request: Could you do a one shot where the reader has developed feelings for Rick, but it’s really angsty because the reader used to be in a relationship with Shane? The reader knows that Rick killed Shane and she doesn’t know if she’s forgiven him yet.

Pairing: Rick x Reader

Word Count:


Warnings: None

Author: Mysfit


How could this have happened you asked yourself, lost in your thoughts. Your head was in your hands, anxiety high. Never would you have ever expected to feel that fluttery, warm, feeling called love after the death of your boyfriend, Shane; especially when the person you had feelings for was not only his best friend, but also his killer. You’d been so angry at Rick when you’d found out what had happened. You’d wanted to hurt him; cuss him out and maybe even kill him, though underneath the anger you knew how hard it must’ve been for him to kill Shane. Those two had been, after all, the best of friends. You had stayed distant from Rick after that, but it wasn’t like you could avoid him when you were in a group together.

You honestly had no idea when you’d fallen for him. Between the winter where he’d taken care of you, wordlessly apologizing for what he had had to do, and the death of Lori when you’d taken care of him; you couldn’t pinpoint when it’d happened. But you had just now realized those feelings. And so here you were, conflicted.

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