etsyfindoftheday | MINI CURATION REQUEST | 2.10.14

requested by: daisies-in-her-hairr
looking for: some unique evil eye or hamsa jewelry to add to her collection

FEATURED: the hamsa necklace by brooklynmariejewelry is just $10!! this shop has several pieces featuring evil eye or hamsa accents – check ‘em all out here.

other evil eye & hamsa jewelry pieces:

i’ve featured two evil eye pieces on EFOTD, one fairly recently – check them both out here. i sure hope this was helpful for you!! :)


Wolves are really starting to grow on me. Growing up they were merely a fixture in the background of rural Mississippi life. I always thought of them as the cheesy image on that god-awful outdated sleeveless t-shirt the locals always wore. You know, the kind that live in mobile home parks, have 7 dogs, 5 farel kids, and an enormous beer belly? It was familiar yes, but no more endearing to me than say, the duck hunt wall paper, mosquito infestations from old tires, or broke down trucks in the front yard.

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But as I grew up I couldn’t help but notice it was so embedded in local iconography that it was more than that outdated sweat-shirt/t-shirt still sold at truck stops through out the Bible belt. It was a symbol of a lost heritage that we, no matter how far removed, still can identify: The Lone Wolf. The symbol of the free-spirit. A general nod to the resourceful, enduring, and free-spirited indigenous peoples who lived off the land we now build on, work on, raise our families on. Like I said, most of us are far removed from the cultures this animal represents for me, but their spirit (or Spirits, if you follow their lore) still accompany us as we live, breathe, and fight our own battles for survival, freedom and spiritual mastery. It may sound corny but the wolf is but one part of the last vestiges of what remains of early North American cultures in many areas of the US.  It’s really a permeation of one culture by another by things that stick with you. Things that speak to us on a primal, even spiritual level. That’s why I believe the symbol of the Wolf is still treasured by us today. It holds a lot of meaning. I sure does for me. The creature is a majestic and wild thing in itself. But more still, it is the  the incarnation of our hopes, fears, and the determination to be in control of them. To have the same ferociousness as a wolf when fighting and defending what we live for. To be, in a word, Free. 

Own this piece of inspirational spirit by MySelvagedLife 

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsy find of the day 5 | 12.23.11

snow globe glass pendant by myselvagedlife

this necklace is perfection. love the length, love the glass orb, love the white glittery “snowflakes” inside. myselvagedlife has other versions too, in different hues of glass orb and filler … but this one is my #1 pick. it makes me think of vermont … “vermont must be beautiful this time of year, all that snow.” <3