ace mccree mini fic

in honour of asexuality awareness week…

McCree always wondered if there was something wrong with him. He saw other men his age boasting about all the women and men they’d slept with, and McCree simply didn’t understand. He’d slept with a couple of people, but unlike most others, the very idea of sex without an emotional connection was … incomprehensible. He didn’t understand the urge, the drive, the obsession. Sex could be fun, sure, but the be all and end all? He could definitely take it or leave it.

He was worried, when Hanzo started flirting with him. McCree liked him, a lot, desperately, but he’d had too many occasions of being shot down by someone he liked when they found out that he wasn’t particularly interested in sex. McCree could happily spend hours kissing a partner, holding them, falling asleep with them, but they inevitably wanted more.

He let Hanzo fuck him. He quite enjoyed it – mostly because of the amount of pleasure it gave Hanzo, and the orgasm was nice. But as their relationship progressed, Hanzo noticed fairly quickly that he was always the one to initiate sex, and McCree frequently found excuses to say no. Too tired, too sore, too drunk, an early morning the next day.

“I think I might be asexual,” McCree blurted out one evening. He’d been reading about it online, and it had been like a lightbulb went off in his head. Hanzo was curled up next to him with a hand up his shirt, and that hand had been slowly making its way south. At those words, Hanzo stopped and sat up.

“Ah,” he said, looking at McCree with a considering expression, “I had wondered.”

“Not that I don’t find you attractive!” McCree hastened to add.

Hanzo nodded. “I understand. Genji is asexual. He told me all about it, when we were teenagers. He never understood the drive to have sex. I assume this is how you feel?”

McCree nodded, then frowned. He’d heard a lot about Genji’s lifestyle before Overwatch, and that didn’t mesh. But then… he’d somehow managed to cultivate an image of himself as someone who’d fall into bed with anyone. It had kept people from gossiping.

“You’re not mad?”

Hanzo chuckled and curled himself back into McCree’s embrace. “No. After all, I have a perfectly functioning hand if I need that and you are not in the mood.” He sat up again briefly and touched McCree’s face, a look of concern in his eyes. “But do not ever think you have to pretend. I love you for who you are, not for what is in your pants. If you want sex, let it be on your terms as well as mine.”

McCree laughed softly and took a deep, shuddering breath. “Love you too, sugar.” He leaned down and shared a soft kiss with Hanzo, and they went back to watching their movie.

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hc where you and sam have kids //becca

bitch!!! my dream!!!

  • i can see this so vividly wOw
  • okay it’s your first kid and she (yes she) is a perfect replica of sam
  • (that’s a gorgeous kid just saying)
  • anyway she’s starting to learn how to walk
  • and she’s clutching each of sam’s index fingers in each hand
  • she’s slowly tottering in front of her daddy towards you all while sam has the biggest smile on his face
    • he’s definitely saying things like “look at you go” + “c’mon you’re almost there”
  • she definitely does that cute baby fall onto her bum right in front of you
  • and sam scoops her up and rests her on his hip and you’re all cheering
  • because your baby girl just did that!!!
  • when she gets to be about two and is walking around more often she finds the piano in the house
  • and she somehow gets the cover up over the keys and starts going to town on with her baby hands against the keys
  • both you and sam rush in and she turns her head to look at you both with a big smile as she bangs on the keys more
  • and sam is quick to grab her and sit her on his lap on the piano bench
  • he attempts to help her play simple songs like chopsticks and twinkle twinkle little star
  • when she’s about three you have your second kid and he looks just like you
  • life is pretty hectic with a toddler and a new baby but you guys definitely manage
  • when he’s about six months old he says his first word
    • yay for baby milestones!!!
  • but it’s not what either of you expected it to be
  • little girl holland is in the living room with her toys
  • and baby boy holland is sitting in his high chair right outside the kitchen
  • you’re making breakfast with sam and you’re in charge of the bacon
  • anyway the grease pops and burns your arm
    • “shit ow that hurt”
  • and suddenly you both hear a little babble and a little voice yelling out “shit!”
  • sam’s doing his best not to laugh but can’t help himself
  • you definitely slap his arm slightly surprised with baby’s first word
  • you hurry over and crouch in front of the little one
    • “no no baby, that’s a naughty word we don’t say that”
    • “shit!”
  • meanwhile sam’s laughing away in the background
  • “sam! stop encouraging him!”
  • “what? you’re the one that started this”
  • “not intentionally!”
  • yeah uh this became longer than expected
  • and uh i definitely want this as my reality in the future thnx xoxo