39 weeks>1 wk post delivery> 1 month post delivery

Down about 45 pounds

I’ve forgotten to do these…because I’m horrible.

But some fitness blog reblogged it and took my words off, and it kind of burns my britches. And that has….for some reason inspired me to update it. Here’s a TODAY shot….7 months come the 6th.

My arms still have some flab, And my hips are MONSTERS….but…wuttevah. I hadn’t noticed I looked this much smaller, the scare is only noticing another 5 to 10 pounds since the 45.

So. Now I’ve seen Phish. That was cool. I would go again, in the future, for sure. I did however feel as though I was the only person in 40,000 dancing to the half notes, everyone else seemed to be on the sixteenths or thirty-secondths. So….. I’m visibly “out of place.” Also, it’s nuts to me how the fan base knows SO MUCH about them, and previous shows and set lists. Also… Hippy dudes…. Really seem to dig whatever the hell I am. I wish I had a nickle for every lecherous look, gesture and/or statement.

I just watched the documentary “Are All Men Pedophiles.”

It was pretty easy to relate to. I wish they would have touched a little bit more on the biologic and historic factors, but over all I think it’s good that it’s out there. Breaking it down for those who don’t know the technicalities.

And man, if there was a log of what I was doing on the internet from ages say…11 to 14. HOOOOLLLLLY crap….It was even worse than 15 to 20, and most people I know consider my activity to be reprehensible during that age gap. Also, yes, older men. The only way to go. Always. 

About to do something I’m terrified of/find slightly distasteful/hate. I’m going to a gym for the first time in my life. I HATE exercise. I HATE people. And I HATE PEOPLE LOOKING AT ME WHILE I EXERCISE….so this is going to suck.

But I’d rather hate the gym than hate my body.

Also, it gave me a legitimate reason to buy the Vibram Five Fingers I’ve been wanting for five years.


Abby really hates cameras.

In an attempt to get her to sit still, I tried holding her,but then she wanted kisses. When we scolded her into laying down she’d move EVERY time I actually took a photo. Other than that last one. The one with the flash was a surprise to her, as she was coming out of a good scratching.