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Voltron Characters with Coffee


- drinks coffee only in the morning, will have between 1-3 cups

- doesn’t really affect his energy level

- drinks it in a #1 Dad mug

- takes it with a little bit of half and half


- doesn’t really like coffee all that much, prefers tea

- if she does take coffee she puts a TON of milk in it

- only drinks it to keep herself awake

- not a relaxed coffee drinker, won’t sit down and drink it, she’ll straight up chug it to keep herself awake


- he’s like the only “normal” coffee drinker

- doesn’t have it every morning but some mornings he’ll brew a whole pot and have a cup or two

- takes some milk and some sugar in his coffee

- will sometimes try to add weird Altean spices and herbs to it to change the flavor, he likes it, everyone else pretends to like it


- probably drinks wayyyyy too much coffee for her size

- adds a ton of sugar but won’t take any milk

- uses it to stay awake (late night searches for Matt and her Dad)

- has one of those huge on the go canisters


- one cup of coffee is enough for him

- he doesn’t really like the taste but also doesn’t like adding milk and sugar, he’s difficult

- gets restless when he drinks coffee, he paces around a lot

- he could have one cup at 8:30 in the morning and still be wide awake from the caffeine at 2:00 that night


- will only have only one cup in a day, in morning/afternoon

- super relaxed coffee drinker, will sit down and just stare into space while he’s drinking it

- he actually sorta likes how it tastes

- begs Hunk to make coffee for him bc he likes how Hunk makes it the best

- sometimes will go a while without coffee bc he’s convinced it’s bad for his skin


- will NOT have any of your basic black coffee or instant coffee, I mean he will have it if you offer bc he’s nice like that but he prefers his own coffee

- will grind his own coffee beans to use and always trying different types

- brews a whole pot of coffee for the team in the morning

- thinks Pidge abuses her coffee privileges and will hide the coffee pot from her after her fourth cup

- likes to try different combinations of milk, sugar, and other add-ins

me @ everyone still following me after coming back from last week’s hiatus.

nnnn alright so if this flops it flops, if it doesn’t then it’s chill

aNYWAYS I’ll do like a bbcan5 sim thingie, 15 spots !

I just need your preferred gender option (the sim has female, male, neutral, and pair, though I’m not exactly sure what that last one means tbh), and, like, a fave celeb, youtuber, or contestant from I guess like bb, survivor, drag race, etc. for your icons


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Ok, since none of you fucking cowards are going to say it, it looks like I’m going to have to embarrass myself and say it first!
Twice’s thighs are fucking thicc and he could totally crush my skull with them and I’d thank him.


There’s recently been some big changes to my life and they’re only going to get bigger. I’ve had a lot of free time for the past month, but that’s about to come to an end. I’ll need to put more attention on real life.

So starting from tomorrow, I won’t be online every day (I’ll try to come on the weekends, etc.) and there might be a day where I leave here altogether. For now, I’m still attached to this blog and there are a lot of JTTW and Kuro posts I still want to make. Inbox is always open and anyone can IM me (I’ll still check those as much as I can). 

I took a half year hiatus back in 2016 and depending on how busy I am in 2017, that might happen again. I’ll just have to see for myself what’s the best thing to do. So thanks for sticking with me, and don’t think I died if I stop coming online for long periods of time!

this isnt studyblr related at all, but I’ve been thinking a lot about my early teens lately, and a lot of people in this community are quite young (although this applies to anyone, really), so this is for you:

do not give a fuck about your weight.

I’m 100% serious about this. I was on a dark path when I was around 11, trying out different radical diets, or not eating at all, simply because I wanted that perfectly flat stomach and impossible thigh gap. I am so goddamn lucky that I didnt develop an eating disorder, but I was close, and for lengthy periods of time from when I was 11 til when I was 17, I had serious unhealthy eating habits.

and - it absolutely destroyed my social life. when I was 11 I decided that I wasnt perfect (thin) enough to hang out with my friends. I withdrew from them, thinking that I’d first lose weight, and then look good enough to be friends with people. but because I was never quite satisfied with my weight I just stopped hanging out with people for quite a few years. I’m naturally an introvert, so that played a factor, but because I was too uncomfortable with myself to hang out with friends I lost my deeper friendships, and god do I wonder how my life would be like if I was still in contact with some of these people

I dont really want to bore you with personal details, but please, I am genuinely begging you: dont let your weight stop you from being around people. dont let it stop you from anything, really, but please do not withdraw from people because you think you need to have a certain shape/figure to hang out with people


I took a couple pictures in my Keith wig the other day.


tv meme: [1/20] showsDoctor Who

When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… grow up. Get a job. Get married. Get a house. Have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.