myself in picture form


I do not plan pages of books I bind by myself, so sometimes photos and pictures form special combinations: here it is a photo from @flow magazine of a sack race and a manatee I drew by myself. In the bound journal they form two pages where the man has a manatee tail and the manatee seems to have a sack race …

Do You Like the Way I Flick My Tongue or Nah?

Chapter 6

Champagne was flowing as people twittered about the department store, stopping by briefly to congratulate my client. Every time Kashima shook someone’s hand after accepting his or her congratulations, her thick black ponytail swayed from left to right and the more I watched, the heavier my eyes felt. I was knackered. But I had to be here, I wanted to be here. In almost a month of managing Kashima, I’d managed to secure a contract to have her clothes sold in Harrod’s and tonight was the celebration. Mannequins were stood around us in the main lobby displaying her winter collection and the room was packed with London’s fashion elite. This was such a big accomplishment and all I could think about was my bed. I hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep in ages.

In the last three weeks, I’d run myself absolutely ragged. My days started with calls about Kashima and Archie because their opportunities were mostly in the UK, with a few connections in France or Germany, so I could operate within normal business hours. A lot of Yubi’s work also took place Western Europe, but ever since she debuted in the ballet and revealed in an interview that she was fluent in Japanese, I’d been working nine time zones ahead to accommodate the media in Japan. The biggest pain was working with all of Harry’s commitments because it meant I worked most nights until midnight talking to New York offices and moved on to those in L.A. until three or four in the morning. Then I’d be up again at eight to start all over.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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Celestia: “Yes, they were mortal, either being their father’s tribe or our birth tribe. We don’t even know if it’s possible for a foal to be born as an alicorn. It was… hard, to say the least, when they passed. It was harder still when our grandchildren passed. I think we started to become more comfortable, though, with the natural order of life, even if we seem to be exempt from it.

As for our descendants, yes, I’ve kept track of them, though we have no interaction. As far as they know, they’re normal ponies. There aren’t nearly as many as you’d think, given the time. Maybe 100 at most. And no, neither Twilight nor Cadance are among them.”

Luna: “Twilight is aware. She was there when my sister and I had a trip down memory lane. This was well before we were together so she knew before she ever agreed to a date. She just… looked very, very uncomfortable with the whole situation…”

Stupid long text. I have no idea how to portray all that headcanon in picture form. I also may be shooting myself in the foot depending on how Cadance’s kid comes out.

Thanks For Being You

It’s been three weeks. Three weeks since I last put out a video on my channel. There’s no reason for it really—I haven’t exactly been busy. I could have made a video at any point but I didn’t because the thought of making one stresses me out. Me! It’s usually Dan who is worried about putting out videos. I’m supposed to be on top of this. Yet here I sit at my computer staring at the blank screen trying to think up an idea.

Maybe I can just do a tag video like the ‘my flatmate does my makeup’ or something silly like that. But people would probably be mad if I make something that easy after three weeks of no content. Think, Phil, think. There’s got to be an idea floating up in that head of yours!

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Emma Approved, Frank and Jane videos: Glossary of words and phrases


Human rights.
= You think they’re sexy, right?

Any right in particular?
= How serious are you about my cause?

You really know your human rights.
= Please stop asking me hard questions. Also, you’re hawt.

I take them very seriously.
= Look how easily I can ignore your smoulder.

I’m saying there’s a difference between working for human rights, and raising money for them.
= And if you don’t pay attention to this difference, we are so over.

I just wish that every company that backed a charity actually believed in it.
= And if Emma doesn’t pay attention to this wish, I am so outta here.

I wish that too!
= I am putty in your hands.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude. Slavery and the whole slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.
= You must have a death wish if you’re poking fun at human trafficking around a black woman.

That’s another human right?
= You are so sexy when you quote verbatim from official UN documents!


The bachelorette auction
= I totally disapprove.

While I admire Emma’s desire to do good, I’d rather she didn’t rope me into it.
= I cannot possibly express how distasteful I find the idea of putting myself up for auction.

You know, some day you’re gonna get tired of being so alone all the time, Miss Fairfax.
= Lighten up a bit, lady!

I have all the company I need.
= I love you.

But do you have all the company that you want?
= Don’t you want to spend more time with me?


We’ve known each other long enough now, I think you can call me…Frank?
= This charade is really wearing on me.

I think ‘Mr. Churchill’ is more appropriate for the workplace.
= You’ll stay in character if you know what’s good for you.

I see you got a new laptop!
= Do you like it?

You must be thrilled! The old one was practically falling apart!
= Do you like it?

It still worked!
= You didn’t have to buy me a whole new computer, you dork.

I mean, whoever sent it must be an incredible, thoughtful, generous individual!

Isn’t it better that way? I mean, if it just comes out of nowhere, right, when you need it, like…like MAGIC?
= I’m trying to be your knight in shining armour here!

It would have been better to get some kind of notice.
= I hate surprises.

Having to answer Emma’s questions about who sent the package
= Honestly, that woman will just not shut UP!

On the other hand…
= But I do love it. Thank you.

I’ll have more free time.
= For you.

Free time you can use to enjoy the city
= Ohboyohboyohboy! Date tonight?

Carpe diem, Jane Fairfax; carpe diem.
= Or better yet, date right now?


Emma’s not here right now.
= I’m not interested in talking to you.

You know, I heard somewhere that the two of you have become…lunch buddies?
= I am insanely jealous.

First carpool buddies, now lunch buddies.
= I hate that guy.

This is starting to sound serious.
= I hate that guy.

There have been rumours, whispers, implications…even a wager placed on the outcome.

What’s important is that you and Mr. Knightley have become quite the topic of conversation.
= Pleasepleaseplease deny it. I need to hear it from your own lips.

Either it hurts your career, or it hurts your relationship.
= Maybe I never should have gotten involved with you.

And which one would you put first?
= Do you care about me at all?

Which one would you? Or should I even bother asking?
= Do you care about me at all?

Apparently the Richmond Corporation, a company you own shares in, is buying up natural resources.
= I’m really bitter that you’re prioritizing your work over our relationship.

You obviously have a lot of work to do, and I, uh, wouldn’t want to get in your way!
= I’m really bitter that you’re prioritizing your work over our relationship.


I think you might need a new phone to go with that laptop; it doesn’t seem to be working properly.
= Baby, please stop ignoring my calls.

I’m leaving now.
= I’m going to miss you so much.

I came over to say goodbye to…everyone.
= I couldn’t leave without seeing you first.

I know you didn’t want to do it, and I–we talked you into it.
= I was inconsiderate of your feelings. I’m sorry.

I tried to postpone, but they gave me no choice.
= I would much rather be here with you, don’t you know that?

Come on, Jane–Miss Fairfax.
= Please don’t be mad, love, it’s killing me.

The Richmond Corporation.
= A symbol of everything I hate…and you’re a part of it!

I hope you’ll still be here when I get back.
= I hope we can make up when I get back.

Harriet, can you bring me a cup of tea?
= My heart is breaking.


What a coincidence.
= You can’t seriously believe that I didn’t jump at the chance to get you alone.

= Hilarious raunchy pictures of myself

Urgent matter
= Valiant rescue mission

Harriet told me about that
= You are the sweetest guy.

I only hope she understands that I would never intentionally hurt anyone.
= I never meant to hurt you.

Even when it’s not on purpose, you’re still responsible for the consequences of your actions.
= Oh, no, you’re not getting off that easy, bub.

My aunt
= Me

Oh, well, hopefully I haven’t used all mine up.
= We’re still dating, right?

I’ll put in a good word for you!
= Sure we are, you big giant adorable dork.

Thank you.
= I love you.

I’ve realised there are a few things more important than business.
= You are my number one priority.

Have a wonderful day, Miss Fairfax.
= Enjoy those pictures, sugar.


Let me help, let me help!
= I’m really, really sorry I messed up.

How bad is it?
= How mad are you?

It’s nothing that can’t be fixed.
= I’ll rein Emma in somehow.

Would it really be so terrible if the secret got out?
= Would it really be so terrible if our secret got out?

= I want to shout about you from the rooftops; why don’t you want to do the same about me?

= Me

Mr. Pitt
= You

That’s why we’re making the most of the time we have
= I haven’t really thought about what our relationship will be like after we go public.

Carpe diem
= Take what you can get whenever you can get it

That’s a lot of jam to sample!
= I’m totally thinking of creative sexual ways we can use up all this jam.

I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.
= I love hearing you laugh.


I read The Economist in my spare time, not What To Expect When You’re Expecting.
= I don’t know if I actually want kids.

Being around Annie and Ryan…they seem like naturals.
= Maybe we could be like that some day.

It just took the love of a good woman to make him see the errors of his ways.
= I’m really trying to do better, honey.

I’m sure she didn’t really change him that much. She just brought out the best in him.
= I know at your heart you’re a good guy.

That she did.
= You’re so awesome.

You are coming, aren’t you?
= You’d better show up or I will be mad as hell.


Whoa, whoa, look what we have here! Jane Fairfax, hard at work in her office!
= I’m so mad at you.

Mr. Churchill, showing up out of nowhere…as usual.
= I’m so mad at you.

After you left.
= Why the hell did you do that? I cut a business meeting short and everything!

I’m surprised you stayed! It didn’t really seem like you cared that much.
= I can’t believe you went to a business meeting on the day of the shower!

You say late, I say prioritizing
= Geez, what do I have to do to get a little credit here?

The Richmond Corporation is expanding. And it’s your money that’s making it possible.
= Clearly, you don’t care at all about what I’ve been saying about the importance of human rights.

It’s just business, Jane.
= Clearly, you don’t care at all about what I’ve been saying about the importance of our relationship.

I’m just glad you finally figured out what’s important to you.
= I can’t believe work is more important to you than I am.

Shouldn’t you be off saving starving orphans somewhere?
= I can’t believe work is more important to you than I am.

Clearly I’ve lost sight of who I really am.
= Maybe we should take a break.

I won’t be bothering you anymore.
= A break? Fine. I’m going to go sleep with the copy girl…er…flirt with Emma.

Sometimes I look at my pictures and start having this strange, kinda scary existential crisis where I question this life I’m living and imagine people I once loved, cared for, currently love and care for, and know mourning my death. I’ll see pictures of myself and feel disconnected from my physical form I’m staring at and wonder what’s out there after I pass away.. then I start feeling scared because I don’t want to think like this and I don’t want to leave this life behind any time soon. 

9150) I remember when I was 14 I drew lots of pictures of myself in (anime) girl form.

My mom ended up finding this huge stash of all of my crappy anime pictures and she thought it was great that I had a hobby. She asked if the girl was a character in “one of the animes I liked” and I lied and said yes because I wasn’t ready to tell her that I saw the girl in those drawings as myself. 3 years later and I still haven’t told her. I’m too scared to.