If you thought 3 posts of edited pictures were a lot, well he posted again😂 this one a little after the first two, but on twitter this time hahaha so 4 posts on 3 different SNS within a few hours xD this is the second bride edit he’s posted lol

[Trans] 25th, 26th Saitama Super Arena Concert’s dress code is Halloween.

Let’s have fun at our own Halloween on February!
(cr. mysekushiboo)

9G; The Red Room Exhibit: With my Yunjae banner (lol, wut banner) for Yoonjaelovebar's project.

LOL So I went to the 9G and I was carrying a peice of paper and my new cassie friends were asking what it is, i kept saying, “it’s a secret,”

Well, when I opened it up and asked for my friend if she could take my picture, people came up to me and asking if they can take pictures as well, I was really embarassed! XD >////<

Well, basically, I was part of a project, YOONJAELOVEBAR’S (CHINA) PROJECT. All we had to do was take a picture of ourselves holding a banner/board/paper with the words: “Yunjae Saranghae Hangsang Haengbokhaeyo” After that, they’d compile all the pictures and make a photobook, and send them to Yunho and Jaejoong as a birthday present. :D

ONE OF THEM WAS @jijiballs’ moderator: @shineybaby aka @iwannapakyuchun

She asked me what my url was and I was kinda hesitant and awkward cause I know I’m not that popular. So when I said, “Uhm.. aktyunjaef,”

She was like, “AH! SO THAT’S YOU!”

And I was really shocked cause, OMG. IWANNAPAKYUCHUN KNOWS WHO I AM. :O

And I was really happy, then she introduced me to the the very @mysekushiboo~ :DDD

But I didn’t know she was Trisha omg I AM SO SORRY TRISHAAAA. TTATT

So yeah, it was reaaaally reallly fuuuun. :DDD

Here’s a photo of me with my ‘banner’ LOLS THAT IS NOT A BANNER!

anonymous asked:

jijiballs and mysekushiboo

I answered them already but anyways

JIJIBALLS - THE BEST YUNJAE BLOG FOR MEEEE!♥ All the Yunjae goodies will be found here and they post/reblogs OT5 posts too! The people who run jijiballs are awesome, kind, friendly and super duper amazing.

MYSEKUSHIBOO - PRETTYYYYYYYY ♥ I'mnot kidding nor I’m not lying.  She’s friendly, nice and makes very awesome edits and gifs.  She loves Yunjae and Mikaram (right right?).

  • jijiballs:
  • jijiballs: well now
  • mysekushiboo: I SEE UKNOW
  • chunniebabyuhh: ^ME TOO
  • chunniebabyuhh: OH CMON
  • chunniebabyuhh: YUNHO AND TIGHT PANTS
  • chunniebabyuhh: NEVER AN OPTICAL ILLUSION
  • jijiballs: why the smug look on his fez
  • jijiballs: have u been getting some or
  • chunniebabyuhh: HE GOES "UH HUH, UKNOW I'M BIG DONTCHA"