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Note-taking app rec of the day: MyScript Smart Note

MyScript is well known for their innovative handwriting-recognition software and it’s no surprise that their app for handwritten notes is equally impressive. In addition to the standard PDF annotation, writing, and audio/image capabilities, you can even search your handwritten notes! Definitely a must for those of you who take a novel’s worth of notes and need to find that one fact you’re looking for.

Check it out here!

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7 Apps That Make Studying Easier

With the advent of the smartphone and tablet, studying is now an activity that you can more easily do on the go. Apps make it easier than ever to study for that final or midterm, and they utilize instructional methods that speak to just about every learning style. So whether you like to learn by moving and touching (swiping, tapping, and clicking), by seeing what you’re learning (pictures, graphs), or listening (instructional videos, recordings), there is an app that will make it much more pleasant to study. Here are some apps from and

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