Every modern witch still needs a hat and a broom!

CC used:

Skin by lullabysims

Hair at missparaply

Eyes by aveirasims

Eyelashes by kijiko-sims

Earrings by starlord-sims

Blush by  Vampire_aninyosaloh at

Eyebrows by @ephiny-asunder at TSR

Lipstick by @ephiny-asunder at TSR

Hat by bonehildastreasurechest

Necklace by salem2342

Top by lullabysims

Skirt by lunenore at TSR

Nails by leahlillith

Broom and in game poses by happylifesimsreblogs

Cas poses by flowerchamber


Void Ark. 

Here I go, tanking the tree since this paladin went to go and tank Sawtooth. Yeah, okay. Pop my MECHANICS <sound> macro for the move that one shots if you dont hide behind the tree. The Paladin dies, the other warrior isnt picking up Sawtooth.

So HEEEEYYY I’m tanking both the Tree and the Dog. Props to @folkenface for keeping my butt healed ♥

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And it takes good while for anyone else (a monk) to pull the tree off of me lol.