Vanitas appreciation week  [Day 1] ~ Favourite Scene

(From the novels) When Vanitas states he is in agony, Xehanort gives him his resolve: forge the X-Blade, end the pain.

I don’t actually have a select favourite scene, so I drew a moment that stood out to me.  I also figured most people would be choosing scenes from the game, so I went with something a little different and picked a part of the novel.

Please don’t remove the caption!  Thank you.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts and failure to return messages for so long I have been busy as of late, just graduated college and recovering from eye surgery and whatnot. Hope you are all well.


Some more KH Max sketches! This bunch includes how Max probably would’ve looked in BBS. Didn’t completely shade these ones in this time whoops.

The last one was gonna be a group picture with Max, PJ, and Bobby but i’m gonna redraw it on bigger paper cause I couldn’t fit them all in on my little sketchbook. But I still liked how max turned out so here