Music You Should Be Listening To #3

Artist: mewithoutYou (2001 - )

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Indie Rock/Christian Punk

Starting in Philadelphia as a Christian Hardcore band, mewithoutYou has since evolved into an experimental/sprawling intensified version of Neutral Milk Hotel. The instrumentation, Biblical sotrytelling, and general raw emotion combine to create a band that can be compared to others, but still remains unique.

Sounds Like: La Dispute, Neutral Milk Hotel, Built to Spill

Albums I Recommend: Catch for Us the Foxes (2004), It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All a Dream! (2009)



Music You Should Be Listening To #5

Artist: A.A. Bondy

Genres: Contemporary Folk/Indie Folk/Singer-Songwriter

Of all the “holy shit this guy’s the next Dylan!” remarks I’ve heard over the years only one man comes to my mind that deserves the tag: Scott Bondy (former frontman of Verbena). Bondy, born Augeste Arthur Bondy, is a one-man folk artist equipped with acoustic guitar, harmonica and some sultry vocals. I saw A.A. open for the Weakerthans a few years back and was impressed by not only his songwriting but with how well he controlled a room full of 150+ people with quite folk songs. American Songwriter magazine hailed his 2009 album When the Devil’s Loose as one of the year’s best. If you like folk music, please please please check him out.

Sounds Like: Songs: Ohia, Bob Dylan, Neil Young

Albums I Recommend: American Hearts (2007)


Music You Should Be Listening To #4

Artist: Cannibal Ox (2001-2006)

Genre: Abstract Hip Hop/Underground Hip Hop/Hardcore Hip Hop

Comprised of two rappers (Vast Aire, Vordul Mega) and one producer (El-P), the duo was essentially set up to be forgotten - thank god for the internet. In 2001 they released The Cold Vein which, to this day, remains one of the greatest rap albums of all time. An intensely dark, sprawling debut that set themselves on such a pedestal that neither Vast or Vordul have come anywhere near the success. It’s not hip hop for everyone, but it’s at that scary level of good.

Sounds Like: Jedi Mind Tricks, Wu-Tang Clan, Aesop Rock

Albums I Recommend: The Cold Vein (2001)

Video: (no video, just audio)


Music You Should Be Listening To #7

Artist: Angus & Julia Stone

A certain intimacy in folk music that’s been missing from Contemporary Folk musicians for quite some time. Just about as delicate as Nick Drake, Angus & Julia Stone are more than just a sibling duo. They each have a knack for doing just enough… there’s rarely too much going on in any of their songs; it is almost as if they act as the parents to their songs, Julia’s voice (much like Joanna Newsom’s) is birdlike, motherly and celestial. Whereas Angus’ voice is that of a storyteller. Think of this band as She & Him… but, y'know, talented and worth listening to.

For Fans of: Jose Gonzalez, Neil Young, Joanna Newsom

Recommended Album: Down the Way (2010)


Music You Should Be Listening To #2

Artist: Pela (2004 - 2008)

Genre: Indie Rock/Indie Pop

A seemingly unoffensive Indie Pop band that broke up due to artistic differences. However, Pela was much more than that. Having only released one LP (2007’s Anytown Graffiti) the band toured vigorously and more often than not played every song they knew how. The amount of energy (as evidenced through the vocal emotion) from frontman Billy McCarthy gives Pela an edge over typical Indie bands.

Sounds Like: The National, Bruce Springsteen, Bloc Party

I just found out that after Pela’s demise they formed We Are Augustines. So, check them out as well.


Music You Should Be Listening To #1

Artist: Drive-By Truckers (1996 - )

Genre: Southern Rock/Alt-Country/Indie Rock

A phenomenal band that couldn’t feel anymore authentic. Drive-By Truckers have continued to release solid-to-wonderful albums for over fifteen years and still not enough people know about them.

Sounds like: Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Slobberbone

Recommended Albums:

Southern Rock Opera (2001)

Brighter than Creation’s Dark (2008)