Cozy vocabulary in Swedish

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Translated from @malteseboy‘s original post and added a few words!

En kyss – kiss
En film – movie
En tröja – sweater
En kudde – pillow
Ett kaffe – coffee
En strumpa – sock
En bok – book
Ett mys – comfort
Ett täcke – blanket
En tupplur – nap
En eld – fire
En eldstad – fireplace
En katt – cat
En värme – warmth
En stjärna – star
Ett te – tea
En kram – hug
Ett ljus – candle
Ett regn – rain
En snö – snow
Ett hem – home
Ett kafé – coffee shop
En bastu – sauna
En stuga - cottage

– soft
Delikat – delicate
Söt – sweet
Mysig – cozy
Varm  – warm 

Att kyssa 
– to kiss
Att krama – to hug
Att ta hand om – to take care (of smb.)
Att lägga sig – to lie down
Att läsa – to read
Att sova – to sleep
Att vila – to rest
Att mysa – to be engaged in an activity that is comfortable or pleasurable

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Can I get a Carter Hart headcanon? Vet dock inte exakt vad har bara major feels för honom, har en blandning av att jag vill mysa ha sex eller bara typ avguda honom 😭🤷‍♀️

Carter Hart as a boyfriend

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  • compliments you all the time
  • and he gives the best compliments
  • like the things that only you have, like a birthmark or something, is what he loves most about you
  • and you’re a bit insecure about it but he keeps telling you thats the best part of you because those are the things only you have
  • loves watching you do your makeup
  • “whats that for?”
  • “what does this do”
  • “I like this color”
  • wants to buy you lingerie but doesn’t because he’s too scared
  • so fucking respectful its almost too much
  • like there’s no pda ever, maybe a few kisses and has his arm around you etc but won’t ever grab your ass or anything
  • when you’re alone you kinda want him too
  • he mostly just holds you, like hugs you from behind
  • but he never tries anything unless you’re in bed
  • so like when you’re chilling at home one day and you’re both laying on the couch he keeps trying to hide his boner from you
  • you obviously see it though
  • “you do know I’m your girlfriend, right?”
  • he blushes like crazy
  • so you take charge
  • like he’s so good when he finally fucking gets to it
  • can be rough in bed, which no one expects from lil innocent boy
  • after that the pda level gradually rises :))))))))
  • turns out he’s a boob guy
  • he takes you on super cute dates and gives you the best gifts
  • listens and pays attention like no other
  • you can see like a necklace or something somewhere and be like “thats cute” once and next week he’ll surprise you with it
  • and comes up with things you’ll like
  • he really spends a lot of time trying to figure out the best gifts
  • really likes having you at games but also its hard for him to concentrate
  • seeing you in his jersey always makes him smile
  • so happy
  • also turns him on a bit
  • wants to take you to disneyland
  • also says he’s gonna take you to paris one day
  • such a fucking Prince Charming its unbelievable
  • eventually builds up the courage to buy you lingerie
  • he’s blushing so bad while buying it and the girl working there tells him that it’s okay and says “whoever she is, she’s gonna love these”
  • he can’t give them to you though, not in person
  • so when he leaves for a game he puts the bag on your side of the bed with a note
  • “I’m gonna win for you, baby”
  • he does
  • shutout
  • and you’re in the stands, in his jersey, also in the lingerie
  • that night was fun

Superhero Aesthetics // Legion of Super-Heroes Pt.2

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we’re Legion. We never lose! 

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Totally stunning sky, in a wonderful composition, deserving the absolute best, for the 14th American of the day after, for example, the superb moody abstract of Steven Jones (Wirzd2).

Gulf Coast, Mississippi
© 2 017, Mysa Photography, New Orleans
Text : Basile Pesso - YWAMag director