My rules for my prince 👑

1. Mommy always brushes baby’s hair
2. Baby must go to bed when mommy says so. 
(Mommy will try to tell a story every night) 
3. Mommy will always feed baby his bottle. 
4. No soda unless mommy says so. No milk at bed time. Must drink juice and water every day. 
5. No sugar at bed time unless mommy says it’s okay. 
6. Baby needs to try to do laundry once a week. Mommy will help do it throughout the week too. 
7. When mommy is not home baby must be on his best behavior 💖👑 He shouldn’t do anything that would disappoint mommy or make her sad. 
8. If baby is feeling lonely he should always call or text mommy. Watch movies that make him happy, color, suck on paci (with mommy’s permission), smoke some weed😥, cuddle with teddy 🐻 
9. Mommy will always give baby baths if she is home. If mommy is not home baby needs to still take a bath a day to relax his back. 🤗 
10. If mommy doesn’t want baby on his phone he will give it to her. She will not take his phone unless it is necessary 🙂 
11. Mommy will always enjoy dressing her baby boy if she is home 😙 
12. Mommy will always buckle her baby’s seat belt. 
13. Baby must hold mommy’s hand when crossing the street 👫 
14. Mommy will never use time out unless she has to.. don’t disappoint mommy 😔 
15. Spankings will be given if baby is out of line 😒 
16. Remember to say please and thank you for mommy. It makes her happy 😊 
17. Always tell Mommy the truth. She is very understanding no matter what the situation is. It hurts when you keep secrets from her. 
18. Always remember Mommy loves her prince very much and will never do anything to hurt him 💖😙 


WAKE UP BACK!!!! 234pnds of meat 🍖!!!! #latenightworkout #will2befit #bigboystatus #planetfitness #bodybuilding #setup #execute #goals #mybody #myrules (at Planet Fitness)

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After an hour of cardio. Into ABS!! Today’s superset - alternating side cable-crunches immediately followed by reverse crunches 🍭 🍫. 5 sets 30 sec rest between sets. GOAL - a solid thick barrel #bodybuilding #abs #everyday #thickness #core #atlanta #atlantafit #will2befit #goals #goalsetter #dreamchaser #mybody #myrules (at Planet Fitness)

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When the man in the mirror tries to show u what ur working with! #pushthru #mybody #myrules #thickness (at Lindbergh Center station)

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#FLAWSandALL ….. Today was leg day. And DAMNNNN. I can’t wait to see the body I’m working for appear!!! I’m gonna force this body into submission. I AM MY BODY’S CAPTAIN. THEREFORE IT DOES WHAT I SAY. #PUTYIURGOALINYOURVIEW #will2befit #bodybuilding #squeeze #mybody #myrules #abetternakedme “and since the gym no longer want videos and pix. They won’t get any free publicity and I hope everyone follows suit. Lollol.

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#1 goal is to love the skin I’m in. ✔️ #2 goal is to look great no matter the lighting, angle, pre or post workout. When I catch a glimpse of me I wanna be be more than proud. SO THERE IS STILL WORK TO BE DONE. THank u for following me on my journey to my own version of great! I hope that u are establishing your version!!! Have an awesome day! #will2befit #getright #followmyjourney #tattedbodies #motivation #dedication #focus #thick #gutALLinYAface #mybody #myrules

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No soy el tipo de persona a la que le gusta salir, bailar, correr, ejercitarse y todas esas cosas que hacen los jovenes de hoy, si tengo un dia libre prefiero pasarlo en mi casa, viendo peliculas, comeindo o simplemente descanzando de toda la mierda que hay fuera de mi habitacion, muchos llaman esa mierda como vida yo la llamo frustracion por que en estos tiempos todo esta relacionado con algun problema, en cambio.. No hay nada mejor que pasar tus ratos libres en tu lugar favorito, haciendo lo que te gusta.