myrtle beach girls


I’ve been on a mini vacation this weekend (which is why the blog was quiet since Friday).  This was my time to continue celebrating my 30th birthday & to have some “me” time, too.  I spent the weekend with my social work partner in crime forever-let-it-burn.  Man, this weekend was too live, lol.  Had a lot of “firsts” this weekend… one in particular I cannot talk about on this blog…. let’s just say that I enjoyed some “adult” entertainment.  *Wink, wink*  (If you can’t read between the lines… it’s not meant for you to know, lol.  #RealTalk)

But the main goal for the weekend was to get me to the beach.  I’ve never been to the beach, & I got the chance to go yesterday to Myrtle Beach, SC.  When I say I had a great time… I can’t put into words how beautiful it was to be rolling in the sand, feeling the breeze on my skin & whipping my hair every which way, & dipping my toes in the ocean water.  (Yes, I have small feet… & they’re cute, too.)  

Being on the beach made me realize that I need to move somewhere that’s near one… that is an incredible experience.  

Though I hate that the mini getaway is over, this will not be the last time I am a mermaid/beach babe.  ~ Vy