Shiera Lannister, named after Shiera Seastar because of the star-shaped birthmark on her forehead. Her parents had always said that it was a sign that she was kissed by the light of the Seven - but even so, she can be self conscious about the mark. She’s twenty five, and the daughter of Tylar Lannister and Mira Crakehall. More information to come.

there have been threats made against the united states for dozens of years. most of them have not been carried through, and that is thanks to the highest form of intelligence in the united states - the central intelligence unit, known primarily as the CIA. every threat countered and shut down is a win for the constantly feuding country.  the threats have been bombarding the country far more frequently, though most aren’t seriously backed up. CIA officials were tipped off about a plan for harvard university. what made this threat and the rest different was the name behind it. marcus adnin, an ex-cia agent who’d left disgusted, promising to ruin this country was the name behind it, giving them no choice but to send a team and stop whatever it is he was planning. no way to hit the government harder than by ruining the chance of having the brightest minds run the country in the future, right?

this is a ten character small group oc-skeleton roleplay based around younger CIA agents who are trying to avoid a terror threat promised to occur at harvard university in boston, ma in the year 2022. based heavily on the show homeland ( if you’re interested in spies, intelligence, and action packed, this is the place for you ). we want to focus on character development, plot ( tasks/events are already set ), and growing as writers !! track the #semperhq tag for more !!

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