What’s in your bag: Tonks.

((OOC:  Ok so this looked way too much fun to not have a go.  Thank you so much @kapitan5o for the inspiration, I haven’t been following you very long but I hear you may like plants? Also everyone else who has done these wondrous things - they are all delights to behold!  

And I’m sorry.))

She picks out, of all things, a plant.

Tonks: Mum always told me a lady wasn’t properly armed unless she had lipstick in her handbag.

Tonks: Yes it is pink, Shacklebolt.  Shut up. Sir.

Tonks: Auror ID, kind of essential given my job and all.  It’s also comes in really handy when Remus is getting harrassed when we’re out….

Tonks: This is an invitation from Hermione and Ron - they’re throwing one of their get-togethers next month.  The food, I have to tell you, is stunning - she really got lucky there, Ron’s a genius.

Tonks: Ah.

Tonks: Poor little tyke inherited my talent for losing keys.  All the time.

Tonks: So, spares everywhere!

Tonks: From just after he’d done his OWLS, I think.

Trans!Lock Kidlock (Greg's son is FTM)

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Teacherlock, Professorlock, Translock, Holmescest, Potterlock, Slavelock, Fawnlock, Sherstrade, Johnlock, Johnstrade, Johncroft, Parentlock, Mystrade, and BDSMlock.

Stranger: Hey, um, question for you. Could you maybe tell me what the hell ‘transgenderism’ is? GL [TW: Greg is misgendering and uninformed at beginning. His son is coming out as ftm]

You: Well its when someones biologically assigned sex does not correspond with their gender - what they personally know they should be presenting as MH

Stranger: And what’s that in English? GL

You: It means you may have been physically born female but you feel and know you are supposed to me a man MH

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He without sight

[Continued from here]

[@au-ramaleisillegal] "I can but imagine how difficult it would be on any given day let alone in surroundings that you don’t know… I can see how it would be a very big challenge…. I don’t envy you… but it is fascinating.“ There was no doubt that it did indeed capture the hyurs attention even with something that was simple in concept, he tried to imagine having to live life and such a way. "No please your manners are fine, besides I approac—” before he had the chance to spit out his name that Xaela’s palm would connect with his forehead, tilting his head back briefly, blinking once he realized what had just happened! Isen was tall compared to most midlanders but even that was going to help him in this situation, shaking off the knock. “O-h ah  no it’s fine ah.. my name is Isen, well met.”  Smirking as he heard about almost stepping on a Lalafel, for some reason this image was rather funny to him. “Xion you’re not bothering me I assure you, if you like I can guide you to where ever you need to go. Saves you having to try and work it out on your own? There’s a few places to rest around here so it won’t take us too long.”
Baking with Tonks

Tonks: So, “What are you doing, Tonks?” you ask.  Well, my mum and I used to bake every Sunday when I was little.

And now I give people the cakes I’ve made and everyone always says “Oh, Tonks, tell me how you make it!”.  So here I am, telling you how to make…..

First get all your ingredients together:  butter, sugar, eggs, this thing for the lemons and flour.  Then I’m going to put all this in a…..cake tin….

Crashes, the odd choice swear word and the clanging of pots and pans fills the kitchen.

Tonks: Now, very important:

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Little Black Sheep

((OOC:  A little reminder that my headcanon has Andromeda raising Tonks not to believe Sirius’ conviction.))

Azkaban, 1992

As part of their training, Auror recruits are taken to parts of Azkaban to show them where they will be sending those they hunt and the kind of person they may end up meeting.  Tonks and her class are on their first visit.

Dawlish: You’ll see the windows are quite large here, not so many Dementors.  The further you go into the fortress, the worse it gets.  Carry on down that corridor and you’ll end up finding the worst scum the wizarding world has to offer.

Dawlish: The darkest, rankest cells are reserved for those steeped in Dark magic, murderers and traitors.  You don’t believe me?  Sirius Black is just a ways down that corridor.

Dawlish: Not for us, though - the Dementors don’t like us getting near their favourites - oh, don’t look so shocked, all of them deserve every minute.  This way, follow me.

Dawlish and the group of recruits move off, leaving Tonks looking down the corridor, torn.

The corridor is empty, a small blessing.  It is also far longer than Tonks expected.  Feeble moans and the odd shout fill the air as she ventures deeper.  As the air gets clammy and cold she briefly looks in each cell, knowing she must be getting close.  Her footsteps echo along the halls that rarely see human visitors.

???: Wait!!

Bellatrix: You lost?  

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Round Which We Orbit

Grimmauld Place, Harry’s Fifth Year

Remus is fast asleep on the bed, pale and newly scarred from the full moon last night.  Sirius is sitting at his bedside.

There is a brief knock at the door.

Tonks: Sirius?

She sounds a little nervous - she and Sirius had been very close when he first came back, but recently he has been abrasive around her.  More to her than to everyone else - the reality of him coming back has not been easy for him and Remus.  Their arguments have Sirius fractious with everyone apart from his brief conversations with Harry through the fire.

Tonks sits by the bed.

Tonks: Doesn’t look like there are too many new wounds this time…

Sirius: An expert, are you?

Sirius: He doesn’t need you, he…

Tonks: Has you? 

There is silence for a moment.  This is the first time this particular tension has been even slightly spoken between them.  

Even through his absorption Sirius can see Tonks is hurt and his temper deflates enough for him to remember that she is very perceptive and not one to throw idle insults around.

Tonks: For not stopping for a moment to imagine what life for him must have been like for him whilst you were away.

Tonks:…for not remembering that he only ever acts this way when something is hurting him so badly he doesn’t know what to do with it.

That you have always been the single most important thing in his life since he first met you in the firsties’ dorm.

Tonks: And that history is so deep and so powerful…

Tonks: …that no war, or meddling Weasley matriarchs, or…

She falters, but only for a second.

Sirius understands love.  James had always told him his worst days had been when he was caught between two people he loved who were hurting each other.

And Sirius Orion Black, despite his reputation, has always been one for a kindred spirit over a rival.

Sirius: Well you’re right about one thing.  


((Sirius played by the fabulous @askthatwolfboy))

Girls will be Girls

Cissy is reading in her room during the Christmas holidays.

Her door bursts open.

Bella: Oh. 

She puts on her ring, a little miffed Cissy hasn’t made comment yet.

Cissy: What have you done to your hair!?

Bella: Oh?  Do you like it?

Cissy: Mother’s going to skin you alive with a fish knife.

Cissy:  …a blunt fish knife, Bella.

Cissy: Bella!  Hang on…

Bella: No!  And he didn’t dump me!

Bella: Whatever.  

Bella: He got his anyway.  Few days later he managed to balls up his potion so badly he grew a scrotum on his chin in the middle of dinner - took Pomfrey two days to shrivel it!

Cissy: The potion that mysteriously waited until he was eating in the middle of the Great Hall to trigger, you mean?

Cissy’s necklace sparkles in the afternoon sunlight, drawing Bella’s attention to it.  She hasn’t seen it before.  

They know each other’s wardrobes inside out.  She should have seen it before.

Lady Luck (All Mine)

The Cygnus Black household, Cissy’s room.  Evening.  A party is getting started downstairs.

Cissy, not yet ready, is clearly nervous - much to the increasing irritation of her eldest sister.

Cissy You wouldn’t understand.

Bella: Oh?

Bella: He’s already downstairs.

Bella: So?

Bella: The betrothal’s business but this is because you think he actually likes you?

Cissy: And it means so much to me - he’s the only thing that’s ever really been mine - everything else I either share with you or it’s the family’s.

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I’ve Got You

Cissy is wrapped up in a blanket in the suite of rooms that, until yesterday evening, belonged to her older sister.

Bella, who’s been looking for her, bursts in and sits down opposite her.

Cissy: She’s our sister.

Bella: Was our sister.

Bella: She doesn’t deserve your tears.  She left us.  She left you.

Cissy: I know.

Cissy: Over you, too.

Bella: Yeah, but she always liked you better.

Bella: She chose a monkey over the most beautiful, clever, witty, compassionate person I know.  

Bella: Don’t you dare let this make you think any different.

Bella: She was never going to change her mind and if you couldn’t persuade her, no one could.

Bella: What?

Cissy: I know - ‘Black women never break’. 

Cissy: I know that and I won’t.

Bella: But?

Bella: Shh, I know.  It’s ok.

Bella: I’ve got you.


Better Late Than Never (You Guys All Rule)

OOC: So I’m hearing that greeting followers is a thing on tumblr?! In which case I’ve been super rude up till now and, let’s face it, kind of shy to just get on messenger and say hi to you guys so, if anyone has felt like I’m just sitting here feeling superior - absolutely not, every single one of you makes me distinctly un-British and mushy and I’m so so grateful and inspired by you lot taking an interest in what I’m doing on here!

Obviously it’s not just me you inspire though, so my muses have something to say:





Harri (fem!Harry)

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Spitting Image

A 6th Year Nymphadora Tonks is at home for the holidays.  She sits in front of her mirror (a talking mirror, of course), getting ready for a date.  So far, her reflection is behaving itself.

Reflection: I don’t know why you bother.

Reflection:  Well, you know what Mum says:

Reflection: …it’s what’s inside that counts?

Reflection: …she would have preferred Gryffindor really, wouldn’t she?

As her reflection notices her hair changing colour, so does Tonks.

Her reflection shakes her head, disgusted at what she sees.

Tonks falters for a moment, then suddenly finds courage.

Andromeda:  [Coming into the hallway from her own room] Yes?

[Andromeda looks at her daughter and immediately sees her dull hair and nervous face.  This is not the first time this has happened, though it is the first time Dora has come to her for help.  She immediately smiles.]  

Andromeda: Of course.

Tonks nips back into her own room.

Satisfied, she rushes back out to her mother, already feeling a little better.

Andromeda: Only with the proper hair, sweetheart.

[For a horrible few moments, nothing happens.  Ted, who has been observing, feeling slightly helpless, suddenly swoops in and kisses his daughter on the cheek.]

Andromeda: No.


((OOC:  A note - my headcanon for Andromeda is that she, unlike anyone else who really knew him, also ran away from her family in a very similar way to Sirius.  She also knew the way her family and the Death Eaters worked.  Sirius’ betrayal of his friends and subsequent sentence never sat quite right with her and she taught her daughter to be equally suspicious of it.  Tonks, who adored Sirius as a small child, decided in her typically generous way that Sirius was definitely innocent and grew up idolising him.))

Black Mirror (Final): To My Sister

(Black Mirror takes place in the 1970s - after Narcissa has left Hogwarts but before her marriage.  She finds one of three mirrors that were given to the Black sisters so they could always speak to each other (much like Sirius’) but Bella’s was destroyed and Andromeda has put hers in a cupboard, which is all Narcissa can see.  As times get darker, she finds herself speaking to it as if the one person who always listened could hear her…)

Narcissa uncovers the mirror.  It is night and she looks tired and a little scared.

Narcissa: I’m going to put this away, Andy.

She struggles for a moment, torn.

Narcissa: Bella was always our Golden Girl.

Narcissa: You were always the wise one.  Just as brash in your own way, just as headstrong.

Narcissa: Dippet only made me Head Girl because he wanted a Black and you two were too much trouble, I know that.

So I know what people say about me.

Narcissa: This man, this Lord - he’s starting something or latching onto the back of something.  And I wouldn’t care, I’d bloody well cheer him on, only…

Narcissa: Everyone knows what some of his followers are beginning to do in his name.  And most people are aware that it’s not just that he’s not stopping them…

Narcissa: And it’s not that I disagree with him.  Only…

She hesitates, but after the evening she’s had, she cannot keep this to herself.

Narcissa: A man I think.  I didn’t really look too hard, you know.  It was still alive…

Narcissa: And she just kept playing with it.  

Narcissa: He was crying and screaming and writhing all over the kitchen floor and she just wouldn’t stop.

She looks down and clutches at her own hand, remembering what had happened to his.

Narcissa: In the end she left it so broken there was nothing we could do.

Narcissa: Lucius Malfoy is frightened of our sister.  And the way she was today…

Narcissa: I tried to…I couldn’t…

She manages to collect herself, but the shock of violence in her home, the fear of the path her sister is on and the late hour have sapped away any pretence she had left for now.

Narcissa: I didn’t mean…

I hope he makes you happy.

Narcissa: And don’t worry.  You’re my blood.

She takes one last look at the inside of her sister’s cupboard and the stuffed owl she’d bought her so many years ago.  Enough.



Evening.  The Tonks household.  Andromeda and Ted are getting ready for a dinner party.  Their daughter is sneaking in after a day out.


Tonks: (calling down) Oh I’m fine, Mum.  I’m fine!

Andromeda: The guests will be arriving in about 10 minutes!

She pulls on some ‘proper’ clothes and tears off as much jewellery as she can see.

Tonks:  Ok, uh… I guess.

Her mother enters.

Andromeda: Masterpieces are not made by ‘free styling’ sweetheart. Try not to be too long, ok?

She goes to leave.

Andromeda: Next time you want to sneak in 10 minutes before our guests arrive…

closed RP with @sweets-and-spice

Aleister stood on a busy street in the downtown area, he slowly set up his table and sign before getting comfortable and  tying on his blindfold. he had made sure to wear comfortable clothes he wouldn’t mind being destroyed, he wasn’t sure how this would go but he had a few cameras set up to record the whole thing. 

After several hours he was now standing naked covered in god knows what, and cuts, he assumed a lot of the wet he was feeling was his own blood but couldn’t be too sure. His stomach growled softly and he mentally shush his body, this was art he couldn’t afford to take a break, not now! he was glad he had that coffee this morning though.


Auntie Dearest P1

The Ministry.  Auror Office.  One of their brightest trainees spots somebody waiting for an appointment.

Nervous, Tonks steels herself and walks over.

Narcissa: Is it customary for Ministry employees to accost every person they see?

Tonks: Like, wow, really pretty.

Tonks: I mean, you can really just make a girl feel shabby by existing, can’t you!

Tonks: This?  Oh it’s not that bad [She catches sight of the filth on her hands] Oh, that’s gross.

Tonks: There was an…incident with contraband dragon spleen and exploding barrels and…

Tonks: The point is, there were circumstances, good circumstances…

Tonks: You know, most of the time, the way these introduction things work:  I get your name, and you get mine.

/Part 1 FIN

- ‘O trabalho de um shinigami nunca acaba' Era só no que o ruivo pensava apôs dias exaustivos de trabalho. No fim do espediente daquele dia resolveu sair da central para respirar um pouco de ar puro. Não sabia bem o que fazer aquela hora, mas uma caminhada podia lhe fazer bem, eram por volta das 19 horas quando começou a andar por um parque qualquer que encontrou. O Mundo humano era realmente chato. Sentou-se em um banco e respirou fundo.-  "Em fim, paz e tranquilidade.“ 

Four  Years and a Day

[Part One - Four Years Later]

Meela crouched in the shadows above the market. She was the coiled snake waiting to strike. The street below bustled with the usual late evening business, and the usual late evening drunks. A few refugees tried to find a dry spots to spend the night amongst the empty stalls.

Then she spotted her target, a tall figure with a shock of tangled red hair underneath a long hooded robe. As Meela rose and raised her hand, the air around the market crackled and fizzed. The street was silent for a second, followed by the thud of the people falling to the ground. Meela dropped from the balcony above and drew her wand.

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Para: aloistitchtrancy

Os olhos do demônio brilharam em um tom âmbar por um instante, nada em sua face teve alteração visível. Inclinou desta vez o pescoço deixando-se face à face com seu mestre. — De fato sei tudo o que desejas em seu intimo jovem Conde. Porem qual motivo o levaria a querer tal satisfação de um simples vassalo? Em melhores palavras. – Se abaixou um pouco mais se aproximando desafiador. — Porque eu faria isso? 

~Open .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. (Pra quem quiser)

Era fim de tarde tudo parecia calmo e tranquilo nas ruas daquela cidade grande. Varias pessoas andavam pelas ruas, a maior parte parecia apressada demais. Outros apenas passeavam calmamente, mas ninguém mais parecia ter algo obrigatório a fazer aquela hora. — Mas, o trabalho de um shinigami nunca acaba. - Sussurrou para si mesmo o homem de longos cabelos ruivos que o vento balançava enquanto caminhava por uma das ruas da cidade como uma pessoa qualquer. Tudo que se ouvia dele era o tintilar de seu salto cada vez que tocava o chão.