Bellarke Military AU
Written by bellamyfrecklefaceblake 

The night before Bellamy leaves for a twelve month tour overseas, he breaks up with Clarke. He can’t let her live with that kind of constant worrying. He’s already put too much stress on Octavia; he doesn’t want anyone else to live through that. Especially not Clarke. He’d never forgive himself if something happened to him and she had to deal with that.

When Clarke wakes up and Bellamy’s gone, the worry she felt before doesn’t dissipate. She still worries, even more than she would if he was actually writing to her. But he’s not. He hasn’t written a single word to her, he hasn’t called, she knows nothing. Well, not nothing. She knows what little Octavia has slipped into conversation. It’s not enough to stop worrying or missing him, but it’s enough for her to continue living her life in his absence. An absence she was much more prepared for before he decided to sever all ties.

Her life isn’t the same, though, not without Bellamy, not with only the tiniest details of his life and how he’s doing. She studies, she works at her internships, she sketches his face and his hands, and she tries to move on. Octavia sets her up on a few dates with friends of Lincoln, but they never get to a second date. Monty sets her up on a date with his friend Wick, but it’s clear he’s in love with Raven, so she works her matchmaking magic and sets them up instead.

Octavia has Lincoln. Raven has Wick. Jasper has Maya. Monty has Miller. And Clarke has the memory of Bellamy, the memory of his hands in her hair and his lips on her neck, the memory of his quiet laugh in her ear after the first time she told him she loved him, the memory of the passion in his eyes when he said it back minutes later.

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