The 2011 Football Supporters Europe Congress – Copenhagen

Day 3

Just as well that I got my sleep too as the next day the journey to Bröndby’s ground was quite the trip!  The trains to the nearest station were cancelled, so instead I caught the bus with two AS Roma Fans who work for the organisation MyRoma.  The bus took us to a train station, then we caught a tram for a little while, the trip including a view from the bridge over the flooded motorway and then we set off on a 3km walk!  In sight of the ground, we were then diverted, as the firebrigade were draining the underpass we needed to go through and where two cars were stuck in the water, one submerged to its roof!  Fortunately we were spotted by two Bröndby fans and they drove us the rest of the way to the ground.  The journey did however give me enough time to find out a little bit about MyRoma’s aims in the direction of fan ownership and their opposition to the seemingly ludicrous Tessare del Tifoso (a fan ID card required to purchase tickets in Italy).  More of this should appear in an interview with the group, which will hopefully be published in an FC matchday programme this year and again on this blog.  Because of their work, I was particularly delighted when one of them was elected to the FSE team for this year, along with a range of other excellent candidates, even if I was less fortunate and missed out.

The meeting drew to a close, and with the weather beginning to turn for the worse once more, I headed for the airport and home.  A great weekend, now it’s a case of making sure we progress further before next year!