myrna d'ambrosio

Busy bee

With 2 days to go until final hand in for this semester, I’ve been working hard to finish 5 different projects. As usual everything seems to get left to the very last minute, giving me the joys of very little sleep, a lot of coffee, several paper cuts and great stress. But slowly, I’m getting there.. Here’s a preview into what’s been cooking:

5 zines designed as a result of undergoing 5 different challenges throughout 7 weeks 

A little book dedicated to the seaside town of Weston - Super - Mare and its inhabitants

And finally, I’ll be locking myself in my room for the next 48 hours in order to finish my ‘typographic garment’ for a brief titled 'Shipping forecast’. I’m hand stitching a whole forecast onto a raincoat: hopefully the result will be as pleasing as it looks in my head..