The secret life of Belthy

Kvalvika was calling Theos name, however I was exhausted from yesterday’s hike so chose to stay in the van and be productive (aka read). He departed mid-afternoon to catch the sunset from the highest mountain overlooking the beach, racing away without me slowing him down, apparently reaching the highest peak in under an hour although there were no witnesses to prove that… Not long after Theo left two guys returned to their van next to ours and began sorting themselves out, moving around and cooling down after their hike. I was relaxing on the bench inside, reading, when one of the guys puts his hands to the window to see through the tint and catch a glimpse of our humble abode, shocked to lock eyes with me. I laughed and waved, he waved back looking sheepish before turning away; this got me wondering how many other people have wanted a look inside our home? With the curtains drawn she’s impossible to see into, perfect. In hindsight I wish I’d got out and had a chat with the inquisitive guy because his van looked pretty cool, but I wasn’t really feeling sociable so I let it be.

After they’d driven off a blonde haired woman walked around the van and out of sight. Returning to my book I felt the van shaking, thinking the woman was pushing the van I looked out the window and noticed her squatting by the drivers front wheel. What was she doing? Once she’d walked off I opened the window to find she’d leant against the van to urinate! 
Was this a normal day for our van Belthy? 
Theo was amused as I relayed the afternoon I’d had, and I was impressed with his speedy hike and magnificent photos. He’d met a guy on the mountain who offered him a space in their tent as the light began to fade, but with me waiting in the car park it would have been weird if he didn’t return! He called me on his descent as he’d taken a different route, ending up in Ytres Sand a few kilometres away so I drove round to collect him before parking by the beach again, with the moon illuminating the mountains and incoming tide.

Whilst in Leknes the next day printing off our boarding passes for our short return home the following week, Theo received a text off Cody asking if we’d like to camp near Myrland with him and his girlfriend, Justyna. At first we were worried he meant hiking then camping in actual tents (something we wished we’d had in Lofoten as there were plenty of amazingly remote locations you can’t reach by van, we need to buy one soon) although it transpired they’d be camping in their home on wheels too, phew. Meeting in Leknes we purchased some disposable bbqs at £1.50 each, surprisingly cheap for Norway, then headed out to Myrland; off the beaten path yet close to the large town of Leknes, the beach was deserted as we sat around our bbqs placed on the sand in the last remaining rays of sun reaching over the surrounding mountains.

Once the sun dipped so did the warmth, we moved closer to the van, watched a dolphin in the water, Theo and Cody hunted some wood, quickly assembled a fire, then proceeded to snap photos of myself and Justyna enjoying Bailey’s by the light of the fire. We chatted about the trials and tribulations involved with being a photographers girlfriend; that night it was being repeatedly instructed by both men to sit still for varying amounts of time, although as you can see in the photos it was worth it. 
Sitting by the camp fire, mountains across the sea and behind us, stars visible, aurora lighting the sky, Bailey’s in hand, perfect night.

Myrland natural pool, by AlfredoCostanzo

During my last trip to Norway, I visited the beautiful Myrland beach. While looking a location to shoot, I noticed these beautiful natural pools multicolored, I decided to photograph the sunset here. Unfortunately the sunset didn’t really happened but I managed to get this dramatic picture with the lovely multicolors pools of Myrland in the foreground. My Facebook Page ✔ My Website ✔ My Online Stock ✔