Theo & Bee
Mainland Europe
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In what ways has life changed since you both decided to let go of your home and take life on a ride?

Life has slowed down, we’ve had a boost of creativity, and a new outlook on the world. Moving into a van you’re limited with everything, having to take only necessary items means you make-do and adapt, we’ve let go of a lot of baggage. We’re appreciative of the simple things; drinking water, having gas to cook with, and finding wood for camp fires.

What has been your favourite thing about being free?

Waking up each morning to incredible scenery and exploring the land at our own pace.

Tell us a story about the people you’ve met along the way.

After meeting Cody in the beginning of September we later met up with him and his girlfriend, Justyna, a few weeks later to wild camp in Myrland, Lofoten. Foraging for wood along the shore, building a camp fire for jacket potatoes, and watching the Aurora across the sea and over the mountains.

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Myrland sett fra Middagstinden by Stein Liland