A Few Songs from Different Cultures to Enjoy this Summer 2017

I wish I was fluent in multiple languages so that I could understand more of what these cool artists are saying. T____T

Myriam Fares - “Chouf Halak Alayi” ميريام فارس شوف حالك عليي

Lebanese singer & entertainer

청하 Kim Chungha - Why Don’t You Know ft. 넉살 Nucksal

Korean singer debuting on a solo career, ex-I.O.I member, was on Season 1 of the Korean Show “Produce 101″

(迪玛希) Dimash Kudaibergen - S.O.S. d’un terrien en detresse

Kazakh countertenor (probably) singer who came to fame on the Chinese TV show Singer 2017, and was a nominee for “Most Popular Asia Singer” during the Top Chinese Music Awards 2017. 

This young man is a wonderful singer, but I fear for his vocal health in the long run. I hope his quick catapult into fame won’t screw up his voice. 

anonymous asked:

Hii do you have a few recs for Arabic songs?

hi! i don’t know what genre you prefer, so i’m going to list some singers from each type along with a song of theirs that i chose.


this section is infinite..



hope you find something you like in this list ^^ enjoy the diversity of Arabic music!