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Arabic is beautiful #2

موشح لما بدا يتثنى/ “lamma bada yatathanna” poem

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this is an old andalusian poem whose genre is called “Muwashshah” موشّح. Muwashshah  an Arabic poetic form, consisting of a multi-lined strophic verse poem written in classical Arabic, usually consisting of five stanzas, alternating with a refrain with a running rhyme. 

this poem was written in the the mid-nineteenth century, and was sung many times. here are some versions that i’ve found;

the poem and its translation:

لما بدا يتثنى
قضّى الصِبا والجمال
حبي جماله فتنا
أفديه هل من وصال
أومى بلحظه أسرنا

بالروض بين التلال
غصنٌ سبا حينما
غنىّ هواه ومال
وعدي ويا حيرتي
ما لي رحيم في شكوتي
بالحب من لوعتي
إلا مليكُ الجمال

Gracefully she arrived,
Full of beauty and glory,
So mesmerising is my beloved,
Although I would sacrifice my soul for her,
Is she willing to love me back?

She imprisoned me in a garden beyond mountains by the way she looks at me,
She seemed like a tree branch that leans towards its roots after hearing love songs and achieving richness.
I am dazzled and confused,
I have no one to ask for, but you, you .. the queen of beauty.


Myriam Fares - Kifak Enta

I love this song