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yeah i got so tired from it playing horror games…the same logic JUMPSCARE MAKES IT A HORROR GAME!!! like bitch no, it makes it a reflex and nothing else, and it’s cheap, if you can’t make it good without loud noises then your horror is shit.

tbh! and there’s almost no atmosphere, or if there is it’s overshadowed by jumpscares. beh.

… that said, there is a horror movie i’ve watched recently that’s really good. it’s called Hush, and the atmosphere is well-done and the characters are (mostly) smart about surviving.

-getting use to it-
get use to it,
never better.
if we got better,
then no one would ask if it gets better.
because no one would ever say,
it gets better.
that’s the conundrum,
the philosophical question.
the old tree in the forest question,
just as the tree makes a sound.
you get use to it,
it doesn’t get better.
because it’s the same thing day in and day out,
yes you get older,
and yes you get wiser.
but it’s still the same,
and sure you learn something.
but it’s not better,
it’s the same thing.
now your just use to that hurt,
pain or what ever it is.
nope it doesn’t get better,
and we have to stop lying.
to ourselves,
to everyone else around us.
you just get use to it,
that’s just the way it is.
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hahahahaha I saw that and poof I had this response just come flying out. hahahahahaha because it was a good yet dumb question. let’s stop lying to each other about it getting better 😔😔🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😔😔✌🏽️✌🏽

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An Open Letter to Theatre: My Story


I know our relationship has gone through a few rocky patches. Theatre club in Year 4. I say no more. But in the past couple of years,  I feel that our relationship has really flourished.

It all started with being accepted into the amazing company I’m so blessed to have in my life. They saved me from myself really. Whenever I set foot in that building,  I know that I’m safe. It’s my sanctuary and my home. In fact, one of the earliest memories I have is sitting as a toddler, about to watch a show by the wonderful people that would - 10 years later - become my directors. Toddler-me sat there,  scared because the set had a scary face on it (looking back,  it wasn’t that scary,  but toddler-me thought it was). Then I stopped myself and thought something along the lines of ‘This is _________,  so I’m safe and I can trust them.’,  

Initially, I’m not going to lie, I was very reluctant to take our relationship a stage further. But after much thinking, I went for it. And I’m so glad I did! The first show I did flung me head-first into the world of theatre. It was weird, it was plot-less,  but it was absolutely wonderful, in the literal sense of the word

The next show I did, I initially wasn’t actually going to be in. It just sounded way too silly for my tastes , but the director - being the wise woman she is - cast me in a chorus role and made me come to rehearsals anyway. And in the first rehearsal - after hearing the plot in more detail,  and doing a bit of workshopping - I was sold. Let me tell you, to this day that is possibly my favourite show to have been in or seen. It was even weirder than the first show I did, but it was infinitely better. I loved everything about it - the plot, my character, the other characters, the comedy, the cast, the casting, the set… everything. It was amazing. Just amazing.

Fast forward to now, and the show I’m currently working on may just overtake the second show I did in terms of awesomeness. This one has more or less no fourth wall, and though I have broken the fourth wall before, this show takes it to a whole new level. I mean, there are scenes where the audience literally walk between two walls around a metre apart, completely disorientated, and we run up and down between them, shouting in their faces. There’s also a lot of jumping off things. Quite high, slippery things. It’s a lot more exposed than other shows I’ve done. In previous years, I tended to be put in parts where whenever I’m on stage, there are at the very least ten other people with me. In this one, though I’m never alone onstage, there are scenes where if I mess up, it will be glaringly obvious. It's pushing my comfort zones in all directions, but I’m honestly having the time of my life.

Before I started this relationship, I was incredibly shy and more or less silent. I mean, when I got stressed, I would become physically unable to talk. Though I still go back to my old ways now and again, I’m so so so so much better than I was.

A little earlier on this month, I know we had a bit of a relationship crisis. Sorry about that, and thank you for pushing me through it. All I needed was a bit of time to reflect on what I wanted to get out of this relationship, and it’s taken me up to now to realise that I should trust my directors - they’re all incredibly wise, and always seem to know what I need before I know I need it. In short, I thought I wanted more lines, but I had none. And this built up into a spiral of rage, mostly at myself, before one night I sort of imploded. But I drove on, and now I realise that - right now - I don’t think I want lines, I just want to be recognised and included. And thanks to the wonderful company I’m at, I am.

So thank you a million times over.