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7 on 7.

Married couples had this sort of odd myth that surrounded them that said once you reached a certain stage in your relationship, everything went downhill. The honeymoon stage was long gone and you reached a point where you couldn’t practically stand each other. Romance went out the window. Watching movies on the couch and eating day old pizza became a date night.

That wasn’t the case for Fernando and I.

We acted as if we had just met, like our relationship was fresh and we were just trying out different things to get to know each other. I couldn’t count how many times he’d come home and wake me up from my sleep to drag me off somewhere even if it was to just watch the night sky together.

Tonight’s activity was late night outdoor soccer.

The sun had long ago disappeared and though the time on my watch showed it was nearly 9 p.m., my body was pumping with adrenaline for our little ‘date’ that included some of his teammates and their significant others.

I had been hyping up the night all week once I found out his plan for a 7 on 7 game between the wives and the husbands, largely because I hadn’t stepped into a pair of cleats in years. I liked to think that I was the better footballer between the two of us though I figured we both knew the truth behind that statement. That didn’t alter my confidence though.

“I’m going to beat you so good, Torres,” I remarked as we exited our vehicle.

He only chuckled and threw his cleats over his shoulder to hold onto until he replaced them with the sneakers on his feet. “Are you sure about that? You may not want to talk yourself up so early.”

“I’m confident in my abilities. We never did decide what it is I get once my side wins.” I walked around the car to meet him on his side, leaning against the car as he continued to gather things from the inside.

“What is it that you want? I’m sure you won’t win but I’ll entertain you with a wager.” Fernando stopped digging around in the car for a moment to look to me, flashing a teasing smile that had its own confident air about it without him having to say anything.

“A Ferrari.”

The immediate reaction he had let me know he wasn’t taking my wager seriously. “Yeah. Let’s be a bit more realistic here.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Okay. I want a day of pampering. From you,” I made sure to clarify. “Full body massage, breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by you. I want you to clean the house…”

“Okay. Wait wait,” he said as he laughed and held out his hands to stop my list of demands. “This is a lot of things just for one win.”

“And you can list off as many things as you want in your part of the wager if you want. I didn’t set a limit for you.”

“I already know what I want though.”

“And what’s that?”

“Sex,” he spoke nonchalantly before returning to gathering his things. “Sex? We have sex all the time.”

“Let’s not go into the dirty details of it,” Fernando replied as he shut the door to our car and walked closer to me. “Just know that’s what I want and I want you wearing a particular thing.” He pecked my lips quickly before walking away, instantly making me follow close behind to the nearly empty park and the empty pitch that awaited us. Hopefully our friends were already here or at least a majority were.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Torres.”

The first person spotted was Antoine, his voice easily heard as well as I was sure he was trash talking his girlfriend as I had been doing with my husband earlier. I greeted her along with the other ladies, offering words of encouragement that pretty much revolved around stomping our significant others into the ground so that we could hold the bragging rights on a win. The thought of having to listen to them gloat was enough to want me to complete a hat trick tonight.

“So are we ready or what?”

It didn’t take long for everyone to finish sliding into their shoes or change of clothes and we moved towards the pitch. Fernando walked alongside me, playfully knocking my hip with his until I glared in his direction. “You nervous yet? You’re going to have to defend me for 90 minutes.”

“90 minutes?! I thought we were doing 50? 25 minute halves?”

“Oh no, love. Way too easy,” he winked before jogging off to the center. I simply rolled my eyes and followed.

Let’s hope I had enough stamina for this.

The girls and I had already decided on positions and even team name as we flooded our group chat throughout this week with motivation for each other and tactics I wasn’t even sure we were really working to remember so much as we were trying to impress ourselves and seem prepared.

I jogged up near where Fernando stood. He flashed a heart symbol in my direction as a peace offering. I responded playfully by flipping him off which only caused him to laugh.

We didn’t have much longer to play around as the whistle, or makeshift whistle that was Luciano, sounded off and the ball was put into play. The guys’ side gained possession first, easily controlling it for the time being. I had no doubts that eventually we would gain possession. We were just too clever not to.

It may have been a game meant to be a fun night out for the couples but I could tell we were all taking it seriously. Fernando was watching the ball like a hawk as were his teammates and though they may have been the professionals in this scenario, there was no way my team was backing down without a fight.

As soon as he gained possession of the ball, I closed the distance between us and tried to poke it away. My hand gripped onto his waist as I tried to maneuver around him. Thankfully there would be no referee in this game.

“I’m not as young as I used to be,” he spoke though still concentrating on the ball between his feet.  

“You’re right. You’re not as sharp as you used to be either.” It was the perfect moment for me to poke away the ball, hitting it with my toe to squeeze it from between his legs and to my awaiting teammate’s feet. “Better luck next time,” I spoke into his ear before jogging off and following the action.

The game continued like that the rest of the way with one team gaining possession for a bit before being distracted and losing the ball. Fernando was purposely showing off, even nearly nutmegging me if it weren’t for my quick reaction that caused me to close my feet together before he could.

Goals bounced in and around the net on both sides but thankfully, it was my side that came out victorious.

I had definitely underestimated how tired I would feel after 90 minutes of action and while I bounced around for a moment celebrating with my team, I was now bent over resting my hands onto my knees. The guys all came around to hug me and congratulate me with a good game, the line ending with my husband’s smile.

“Good game tonight.”

I straightened and said, “Thank you. You weren’t so bad yourself. I can’t wait until you’ll have to pay up tomorrow. I can already envision that back massage.”

“I’ll make sure it’s a great one,” he chuckled. Nando leaned down and began helping me out of my cleats, dropping the athletic flip flops he had brought for me to slide in. I held onto his shoulder for balance as he did that.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Once the shoes were off he stood back up to eye level with me.

“You think I could maybe start cashing in on my win early and get a nice night with you?” I draped my arms over his shoulders as I closed the distance between us.

“A nice night? Define nice night.”

“Just you…” I snaked my hand discreetly under his shirt. “And me. And our bed.”

He grabbed for my hands wound under his shirt. “Sex wasn’t in your deal,” he winked. “If I remember correctly I just owe you a massage, food and a clean home. I don’t think you’re going to get any of this body tonight.”

He sent a love tap to my ass before he began walking off as the others had did towards their cars. “Lovely doing business with you, Mrs. Torres. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

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it’s a new year and there’s a lot to be thankful for in the past year - even after the upsetting 13/14 season, tito, some of our favourite boys (cachai, cesc, PUYI, pinto, valdes!!!) leaving, our board f-ing shit up as usual, the world cup final, etc - and there’s also a lot more to look forward to, you guys know it. (: if we survived the 13/14 season, we can survive anything.

2015 is a v busy and v important year for me, because this year i have A-Levels. i’ve also committed myself to other projects which i really want to see through, and at the same time there are people i want to spend more time with. so this is me, taking a year-long hiatus from tumblr starting monday (will still be actively pursuing football! just not on tumblr). i’m planning to come back in november or december, but who knows. if you want to stay in touch, there’s twitter and instagram, or message me off-anon for anything.

this is in a way also a goodbye and thank you note to everyone. i’m shy here, i’m not funny, i don’t make good edits or gifs, but thank you for following me and talking to me. even if you aren’t listed here, thank you for making my tumblr experience so wonderful; it has been a lovely three (or two? and a half?) years here. stay safe and lovely and wonderful and healthy, you guys, and always remember to check your sources before posting or reblogging anything!!!!!

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and those blogs which aren’t active anymore, here’s a tribute
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at the same time here’s a shoutout to the people who’ve made the biggest difference in my tumblr experience. there are constants here who i appreciate so much, then there are those who i’ve only just seen and started talking to this year. you guys are the real inmessionante, and you know who you are (:
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Alphabet of favorite football players:

      • A -
Alessandro Del Piero

The only player in whom I see myself. He was born to be a live legend.

Van Der Sar: "When I play against he - I am frightened, even on trainings.“

Totti: "I would like that love which he has. I am a king of Rome, and he is a king of all Italy, and it is a great honor.”


Alphabet of favorite football players:

      • B - 
Bernard Duarte

Football for me is everything. In the future I want to win different titles, to fight, show that I am the good player. And the most important – to be not such, as all. Guys, this most important – to be unique.

“One more of Ronaldinho’s pupils”.

“After Neymar - Bernard has the greatest talent among young Brazilians. This is extremely gifted player who possesses the brightest talent.”

so i asked casillased (haha she’s a madridista and still a close friend of mine) and -cestla-vie (another close friend of mine who puts up with us) what the tumblr-ly acceptable follower count number i was supposed to have before I could create a ff, because everyone’s always announcing their follower counts in these things. but then I realized that even though my follower count is very modest compared to some of you out there, it shouldn’t matter. before i joined tumblr, i thought that i was about the only girl in my country who actually even bothered about fc barcelona, and everyone thought i was weird for thinking that messi was cute (remember his horrendous floppy hairstyles?). but joining the tumblr fandom here has brought me a lot of happiness and i’ve learnt so much from so many of you (:

(also i am v shy and v quiet on tumblr so here’s my twitter if you want, i talk more crap over there)

tldr: this is a big big BIG THANK YOU to everyone who’ve made my tumblr and football experience so much better

these are the people who are not only great bloggers but also genuinely amazing people

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you guys are the best :’}

Hello everyone!  I recently reached 1k and I thought that this is good moment to do my first follow forever.  I can’t believe how many amazing and lovely people I’ve met and beautiful creations I’ve seen! it’s incredible how many people have followed me. Thank you all <3

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Alphabet of favorite football players:

      • D - 
David Villa

David Villa:
I play each match, as the last. I know that I am the player who needs to run, fight, create pressure… If I ceased to press, if i ceased to work and run - I here wouldn’t be. I’m sure, I wouldn’t be that who I am now. And while in my feet will be any force, I will work hard. I am in love with football, I consider itself the sick, almost as Xavi. I watch everything that only I can. Probably, even sometimes it’s more, than it’s necessary. It is pleasant to me, after all you study not only on trainings. If you watch football on TV, too you study many things from others.

Vicente del Bosque:
If I had to choose between Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka - I’d take Villa

Miroslav Klose: 
“Villa – the excellent football player. He has fine blows the right foot, and the left foot, he is technically gifted. David practically so skillful player as Messi. All team, not only one defender has to watch attentively he”