myreligionitsfootball asked:

I saw still yesterday that you left me the message that you have a birthday today how at me! I want to tell thanks for a wish to me! And to wish you good luck, happiness and all the best! Successful new season to favorite football teams. It so cool to meet the person who was born with you in one day, having interest to football and the leader such remarkable blog. CONGRATS DEAR! <3

And happy birthday to you too!! I hope you had an amazing day. It is seriously cool to meet other people who share the same birthday. 


Alphabet of favorite football players:

      • A -
Alessandro Del Piero

The only player in whom I see myself. He was born to be a live legend.

Van Der Sar: "When I play against he - I am frightened, even on trainings.“

Totti: "I would like that love which he has. I am a king of Rome, and he is a king of all Italy, and it is a great honor.”


Alphabet of favorite football players:

      • D - 
David Villa

David Villa:
I play each match, as the last. I know that I am the player who needs to run, fight, create pressure… If I ceased to press, if i ceased to work and run - I here wouldn’t be. I’m sure, I wouldn’t be that who I am now. And while in my feet will be any force, I will work hard. I am in love with football, I consider itself the sick, almost as Xavi. I watch everything that only I can. Probably, even sometimes it’s more, than it’s necessary. It is pleasant to me, after all you study not only on trainings. If you watch football on TV, too you study many things from others.

Vicente del Bosque:
If I had to choose between Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka - I’d take Villa

Miroslav Klose: 
“Villa – the excellent football player. He has fine blows the right foot, and the left foot, he is technically gifted. David practically so skillful player as Messi. All team, not only one defender has to watch attentively he”


Alphabet of favorite football players:

      • B - 
Bernard Duarte

Football for me is everything. In the future I want to win different titles, to fight, show that I am the good player. And the most important – to be not such, as all. Guys, this most important – to be unique.

“One more of Ronaldinho’s pupils”.

“After Neymar - Bernard has the greatest talent among young Brazilians. This is extremely gifted player who possesses the brightest talent.”