Another HP reread thought: what does Madam Hooch actually do? She taught the Gryffindor first years one flying lesson and that was it? Were they supposed to get more lessons? Does she actually teach everyone to fly, but Harry is exempt bc he’s a natural flier?
If not, what’s her job apart from quidditch referee and teaching 4 flying lessons a year?
Why doesn’t she work with the team captains to coach the quidditch players?

Snow Day: ST Short Stroy

Here’s my first Spectertale story! It’s a short story from Sans and Papyrus’s childhood! I’ll also be posting this on Wattpad my username is still Icypoof so it should be hopefully easy to find me. X3 Anyway enjoy and I’d love your feedback! Since this is my first fiction story! :D Also I already posted the cover which you can go to my blog to check out! 

Thanks to my sister @zukioyo for proofreading and helping me with errors! :D

Now please enjoy! ^^

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Harry Potter reread thought: why on earth doesn’t Madam Pomfrey teach a class?
She’s an incredible healer, healing is an important and respected profession, and surely it would be useful for students to learn even just the wizard equivalent of first aid.
Healing is the thing I’d want to learn the most and there’s no class on it at all?
Why are kids taught the moons of jupiter and how to care for bowtruckles and venomous tentaculas but not how to slow bleeding or ease pain?

So I’ve been re-reading Robin Hobb recently and, well, her books are just awesome. Not only are they unique stories in an interesting world, and written really well, but they have some pretty cool stuff in them: 

  • A character whose gender is unknown and who expresses male and female gender (Assassin and Fool books);
  • A character with Down’s syndrome (Fool books) who is portrayed as a complex human with valid emotions and experiences (ie. he is a real character);
  • A huge swathe of women and girls, all different, all complex, all with their own character arcs;
  • Feminist themes (Liveship and Rain Wild Chronicles);
  • Gay characters who are actual complex people, one of whom is a main character (Rain Wild Chronicles);
  • Discussion on consent and abusive relationships (Rain Wild Chronicles);
  • Characters with physical disabilities (Rain Wild Chronicles).

I’ve read a lot of fantasy, and Hobb has to be one of my very favourites. Hobb’s books are very fantasy (magic, dragons) and they are incredibly original and beautiful to read.

This moment in A Crown of Swords always cracks me up.

This poor guy is just doing his job carrying buckets, then all of a sudden the Amyrlin Seat is accusing him of carrying horse sweat.
And like he can’t even defend himself bc Aes Sedai don’t lie and she’s The Amyrlin