Game of Thrones rant ...
  • Book:Sansa grows into a strong character and understands the role she is the play, but from the safety of the Eyrie where she can blossom and embrace her many strengths.
  • Show:Sansa is used to turn sexual abuse and misogyny into entertainment, because the writers deliberately went out of their way to have her raped by Ramsay.
  • Book:Arianne Martell and the Sand Snakes are both physically intimidating and brilliant tacticians who recognise the potential of putting Myrcella on the throne.
  • Show:The Sand Snakes (minus Arianne, their leader, who got cut) are bitter, uncontrollable side characters who rely on vengeance rather than common sense.
  • Book:Arya faces obstacles on her journey to becoming 'nobody', but otherwise adapts well to her life inside the House of Black and White.
  • Show:Arya is a whiny, annoying child who asks too many questions and sulks because she's had 'such a hard life' and acts like she's a prisoner.
  • Book:Despite opposition from the slavers and the sons of the harpy, Daenerys' people, the ones she saved, remain loyal to their Mysa ... as do her dragons.
  • Show:Daenerys tortures people with dragon fire (using dragons who now hate her) and forces Hizdar to become her husband when it's supposed to be a mutual/political act.
  • Book:Robb Stark's wife, Sir Barristan Selmy, Jojen Reed, Catelyn Stark, Jorah Mormont and Bronn are all alive and contributing to the story.
  • Show:Robb Stark's wife, Sir Barristan Selmy, Jojen Reed and Catelyn Stark are all dead, Jorah is dying from stoneface and Bronn might have been poisoned.
  • Book:Some of the greatest characters of the series, Arianne Martell, Victarion Greyjoy, Euron Greyjoy, Aegon Targaryen and Jon Connington are introduced at this time.
  • Show:None of these people exist. Their storylines have all been given to other characters or completely scrapped, despite their importance in the books.

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“The truth was, the princess was braver than her brother, and brighter and more confident as well. Her wits were quicker, her courtesies more polished. Nothing daunted her, not even Joffrey.