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A Veiled She-Wolf is Still a Wolf (1)

I started reading about Isabella of France and then this happened. I just can’t help myself.

Sansa is trapped in an unhappy marriage to Aegon Targaryen. Never failing to do her duty as Queen of the Five Kingdoms, she only finds relief in her friends Myrcella Waters and Tyrion Lannister and most of all in her children, Nymeria, Rhaenys/Cat and Aegon/Ned.

But when a familiar face makes an appearance in the viper’s nest of King’s Landing, Sansa has to fight for her place. She finds a new and unexpected ally in the Princess of Dorne.

Then the Vale joins the North and the Riverlands in their secession from the Iron Throne. Aegon decides to send Sansa North to negotiate with the Lords of the Vale and King Rickon’s regent Jon Snow.

New alliances are forged and Sansa is forced to make a choice.

She’s a Stark and a Tully.
Winter is coming. That’s more than a warning, it’s a threat.
Family, Duty, Honour. But family always comes first.

1. What’s the name of the game we’re playing?

Sansa had sworn she’d never allow herself to be forced into another marriage through the machinations of others again. Yet in the end she chose to protect her family. Aegon had taken the Iron Throne and they all knew that he’d turn his attention North as soon as he’d won allegiances in the South.

Sansa made a choice to protect her little brother Rickon, who’d become King of the North and the Trident at the tender age of five, still as wild a wolf pup as ever two years later. She did it to protect  Arya, wherever she was. She did it to protect their home and their people, everything Father and Mother and Robb and Bran had given their lives for.

She did it to protect Jon, who had found her in the Vale and saved her from Littlefinger and Harry; Jon, who had saved them all and had lost the woman he loved in the War for the Dawn; Jon, who would always be an ever-present threat to Aegon’s reign.

So against her better judgement and promises she’d made herself when she was riding out of the Vale through the Bloody Gate, Ghost by her side, Sansa travelled South once again to marry Aegon Targaryen in the Great Sept of Baelor.

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Hi would it be alright for you to do a vague prompts 23: enamoured for aegon / myrcella

YEAH!!! Myrcella and Aegon!! I’m always happy to write them!! I tried a bit of canon AU but it wasn′t properly coming out, so modern AU, here it is

Aegon was the main singer of the Golden Company - he was a beautiful and handsome man by anyone’s standards. Myrcella wasn’t an outlier in the situation, looking up at the stage, Aegon was the best thing about the band - the music was way too loud for Myrcella’s liking, she was there to try to make good with her new sister, Mya.

“Too cute for my style,” Mya whispered with a laugh.

“He is handsome,” another one of the girls sitting with them said.

“He’s not dating anyone,” Myrcella said - she had researched the band before coming here, that research has turned to just a research about Aegon Targaryen.

“Go talk to him then,” Mya suggested.

“I can’t just go in there,” she argued and the conversation ended there, or at least she thought.

The minute the band ended their set, Mya got her hand and pulled her across the room. Myrcella didn’t know where she was going until she was by the backstage - Mya quickly handled the bodyguard.

“How did you…?” she asked.

“I’ll introduce you to him later. He’s your brother too, I’m pretty sure, he’s just not know to your father,” she said, “Now come on.” Myrcella didn’t have any time to process what she had just been told, because then she was in front of Aegon Targaryen.

His hair looked less blue right now, there were traces of blond or white or silver strands of hair. He was now shirtless and she couldn’t stop looking at his chest - he was very well built, but it wasn’t that that got her attention - it was the  names and family crest on his chest.

She looked up, thinking that she had already spent too much time looking at him, but she found him observing her as well - he had probably looked up and down, but now he focused on her hair.

And then Mya laughed.

“Ohhh… boy…” she said, “she’s Myrcella, by the way. She thought you were cute and handsome. You obviously think the same,” she said to Aegon. ”So I’m gonna go. Just get Gendry, the bodyguard when you want to leave,” Mya said, before disappearing, leaving a speechless Myrcella alone.

When Aegon finally spoke, a coherent sentence didn’t really come out, but both of them laughing broke the ice.

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Choose five OTPs, then tag five people.

  1. Perry and Jordan from Scrubs - it doesn’t matter how much they fight they always come back to each other;
  2. Chandler and Monica from Friends - they don’t need explanation. They’re sweet, and trust eachother with everything they have;
  3. Lucius and Narcissa from Harry Potter - because they love each other, and I know a lot of people love each other. But you look at a family like the Malfoys, born from an arranged marriage (probably…) who hurt and kill people like they do, and you think they’re just evil, but they aren’t - there’s love, trust and respect;
  4. Targaryen Princes in Disguise and Lannister Bastards from ASOIAF - Yes… this is my way of including two OTPS in one - cheating… So it’s JoJo - Joy Hill and Jon Snow - blame sandyd94; and Myrcella and Aegon!! There is so much potential in these couples, Joy and Jon can understand that part of each other that always felt left behind and ignored. And Myrcella and Aegon have a strenght in them and qualities (and the name) that could make them rule Westeros, besides all the family conflict would be awesome;
  5. Mark and Katie from The West Wing - the last one was a hard choice, even in this same show I could have CJ and Danny or Toby and Andy as an option, but I went with this one because not many people ship them and I want them too. This is all based in my headcanons, found in the series of fics I wrote

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What are your favourite Game of Thrones/a song of ice and fire Fanfictions, at the moment?

Thanks for asking. I’m guessing by at the moment, you mean fics that are still going on (not completed)

Also the list is quite long, but I also pointed out the couples, so you can choose from whatever you like (there are more from Arya x Gendry, since they are my favorite couple with more fics written about)

I’m sure I’m forgetting some amazing writers and beautiful stories. Also there are some writers I can’t mention, because they only write one-shoots or have actually finished their fics

Also check other works from these writers, you may found something else you will like

And have fun reading!! I’m sure these will keep you busy for awhile (just the first one is longer than AGOT and ACOK put together)