GUESS WHAT. I’m back to working five-six day work weeks again, so lets upload some older art I have done for my RP group but never got around to uploading.

I just, don’t want month long periods without SOME art on my blog. It is…an art blog after all.

First two is my Human that I play. You’ve seen Myra before. Her soul weapon is a crowbar and she tends to duel wield. She aint happy in that one pic (because a giant flower ate her best friend) and I wanted to try extreme foreshortening I HOPE IT WORKS.

Second is her and her parents, Joe and Audrey. They are scientists that go around busting hoaxes and frauds. They are a very happy family. I play her parents too. Nerds. All of them.

@sushinfood plays a Gaster based on one of @guppys-paw‘s gaster (werester I believe). Of course I had to draw him transforming because that skeleton can never be happy. Give the guy a vacation plz from all the melting and snarling.

The Babyblaster Papyrus player (Nessa) made it so that Papy can assume a mid shift form and so I drew it out. He’s a sweet baby.

So yeah…these are all oldddd so here’s hoping I can make some newer art eventually.



Tempting Tombs

Egypt’s Valley of Kings and Queens is arguably the most renowned ancient cemetery in the world, where Pharaohs were buried with their most prized worldly possessions, awaiting life and luxury in the afterlife. Yet there are plenty more incredible burial grounds you may never have heard of! Tana Toraja is one of Indonesia’s most alluring destinations and home to some of the most mesmerising cemeteries in the world. The Toraja peoples’ dearly departed are buried in rock-hewn caves and a wooden effigy is carved to stand proud and watch over the remains. The Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic is arguably one of the strangest burial places in Europe, with all the decorations and furnishings of the interior of a seemingly unassuming Roman Catholic Church, made entirely of human bones…over 40,000 of them in fact.