Love this!!! Y'all are going to kill me, yes another article. But there is a treat at the end. It is a recipe for this smoothie pictured. The first part of the article is introductory information. It is still important. I promise. You need it I swear because when you get to cherries in the second half it all comes full circle. Cherrie concentrate which I get at Trader Joe’s is an awesome arrow in your quiver. When my psoriatic arthritis is really acting a foo, with in a day of finishing off a jar I’m solid. And hey for me I don’t want to rely on aspirin every time I get an inflammation attack. Besides that my vitamin C supplement actually uses cherry extract, due to the highest concentration on vitamins C is found in a particular cherry. Don’t take my word for it, again I’m not a doctor. Just sharing what works for me. Hope it works for you as well.