Ice-Cream. || @myprivatetrap.

It had been just  a few moments since Maureen had asked Norman Bates a text about going for ice-cream and she even offered to buy. She sent him her last text around ten minutes ago. She had walked from her house; telling her dad she was going to the library. She always lied to him in order to sneak out. Waiting around outside the parking lot of the ice-cream parlor. She grew fairly nervous as she awaited him to show - if he didn’t she wouldn’t hold it against him. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t say anything stupid when he gets here. She kept telling herself that it was just a date between friends. Nothing could go wrong - she hoped everything would go great.

I hope he shows up.” she mumbled to herself.

Follow the Leader. || @myprivatetrap.

Maureen looked to Norman and smiled some; still holding his hand as the pair walked the sidewalk. “Yeah. We can go to your place if you want. Wouldn’t you mom get upset?” she questioned.

Emma/Norman: I guess its not going to be okay.

Emma sat in her room trying not to think about what she did and why she did it. She shouldn’t have thrown that fit, she was acting like a child. She let her emotions get to her. Why did I do that? Norman just a stupid boy. You shouldn’t just let some boy take over your life right? He’s stupid.  I was stupid.

Norman/Emma - Forgiveness

Norman and Emma weren’t planning on going out for ice cream, but somehow..the two were spontaneously walking toward the familiar shop. They barely spoke on the way. Norman broke the awkward silence. “You know, maybe the dance was a bad idea…”

dylan--massett/myprivatetrap - Going Out

Norman didn’t really want to go out, especially not with Dylan. His big brother was trying to convince him (once and for all) that he wasn’t trying to date Bradley. They’ve shared maybe five or six words since their big argument, and even those were filled to the brim with awkward tension.

Norman slowly and casually walked down the stairs and met Dylan by the door. “Okay. I’m ready to go.”