Truths thing

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What was your:

Last beverage: dubbelfris (shut up i love that shit)

Last phone call: my mom

Last text message: I don’t really text. My last whatsapp was to a bunch of my friends

Last song you listened to: WT - Stairway to the Skies

Last time you cried: July 12th, 2010, when my grandfather was buried

Have you ever:

Dated someone twice: no

Been cheated on: no

Kissed someone and regretted it: yes

Lost someone special: yes

Been depressed: yes

Been drunk and threw up: yes

List 3 favorite colors: black, dark red, purple

Last year, have you:

Made a new friend: yeah!

Fallen out of love: nope

Laughed until you cried: probably at some point idk

Found out who your true friends are: I don’t think so, my squad is unchanged but not all of them are ‘true’ friends

Found out someone was talking about you: yes.


How many people on your fb friends list do you know in real life?: most of them

First surgery: never had one, but i’m having one and a half years from now. was supposed to be next summer but there was no time.

First piercing: my ears

First best friend: A girl called Danielle at primary school.

First sports you joined: waterpolo, then tennis, then rock climbing, then aikido

Right now:

Eating: nothing

Drinking: dubbelfris like what did i just tell you

I’m about to: watch Agent Carter

Waiting for: something special to happen

Your future:

Want kids: Not sure.

Get married: Not sure.

Career: something in IT probably

Which is better:

Lips or eyes: eyes all the way!

Hugs or kisses: Hugssss

Shorter or taller: either

Older or younger: older

Romantic or spontaneous: both preferably haha

Nice stomach or nice arms: both again? Mmm, arms. But also mmm, stomach. I, ugh. Arms.

Sensitive or loud: i don’t care either way

Hook-Up or relationship: relationship

Trouble maker or hesitant: in between! mischievous

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger: yep

Drank hard liquor: yes

Lost glasses/contacts: nope

Sex on first date: i haven’t been on a real ‘first date’ haha

Broke someone’s heart: yeah

Arrested: no. unless you count that one time which i don’t

Turned someone down: yes

Cried when someone died: yes

Fallen for a friend: nah not really idk

Do you believe in:

Yourself: sometimes

Miracles: not really. lucky coincidences, tho.

Love at first sight: nope, you gotta know someone before you actually fall in love with them i think

Heaven: i… don’t think so?

Santa Claus: nope. It’s not really a big thing in the Netherlands

Kiss on the first date: yes

Angels: no

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