I started crying while reading this, remembering those dreadful two and a half month stay. Not able to hold her until she was two weeks old, Now I have my scars home who’s healthy and content although it doesn’t end when they come home but it’s so much better than listening to machines ringing and seeing all these things she was once hooked up too. #mypreemie #28weeker #scarletmarie #nicugrad

Yesterday I went in for what I thought would be a normal check up . As my appointment went on and questions were asked I was given a test and a ultrasound for my sons movement , both of which I failed. I was then told to get ready at 36 weeks I would be giving birth ! My baby no longer wanted to live inside me, I was given a emergency c section. I was very nervous and so unprepared but I knew God was on our side. Everything seemed fine at first .. as my mother held him close to me while getting stitched up my stinker took a turn and stopped breathing on his own. He was placed in NICU where he will be staying until he can be stabalized consistently. Today has definitely been a better day for the both of us but we could still use your prayers. I’m so lucky to have this blessing in my life. I love my kids more then anything in this world and I cant wait to continue my journey in life with them by my side 😍😙
Talen Rhys
6 Lb. 2 Oz. 20 Inches Long
Thursday July 9th, 2015 @ 6:11 p.m
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