My life before you was depressing. Filled with lonesomeness and sorrow. Panic attacks every week.
I was a broken down empty lot. No one wanted to look at me or come to see what was the potential. Until you walked by and discovered something in me. You built a park and kids came to play. All smilies and happiness. I was purely the happiest I’ve ever been in the longest time. Then one day you stopped liking me.. Children stopped visiting and the park was foreclosed and had to be torn down. All is left of me is the remains the memories of the good times we had.
Now I’m back to being just an old empty lot again.

for jessica

In Economics, Hermione, Neville, Draco, and Pansy are put into a group to complete their end of year project: to plan out a business as if it were real. Hermione and Draco decide to take on the economics side of the project even though they can’t stand each other, while Neville and Pansy take care of the marketing and design portion. As they hang out more and more, the pairs get closer. While working on the project together one night, Draco and Hermione end up in bed. They quickly recognize the chemistry between Neville and Pansy, who barely consider each other friends. One thing leads to another, and Draco and Hermione get them together.

They end up getting an A on the project, and they stay friends—or more—after graduation.

college au :: nevile x pansy; draco x hermione

"I want to see the splendor of people's souls. I want to check   and see if it really is precious." 

Happy Birthday, Joyce(ノ´ー`)ノ