Benedict’s parents as Sherlock’s parents

“One of the funny things about having my parents in it were the responses. We kept it secret from everybody. Not just the nation, but close family and friends. They were more intrigued by the fact my parents were in it than how I survived, or the [Andrew] Scott near-kiss, or anything else. They were absolutely appalled at how accurate the relationship is between Sherlock and his parents, and me and mine, shoving them out of the door like a terrible teenager embarrassed of them. I love them to bits, but I can be quite short.“

Benedict probably apologized to his parents each time he was rude to them.

he’ll be like…

"I’m sorry mum…”

and to quote Benedict from TCA…

 'And mom does say, every now and again, that I bring my work home. She saw me while we were filming it and she went, “Hmm, careful, darling. Just be careful.” It’s probably the best gauge.” ’

but I just love it that they are in the show coz they are brilliant and now we know where Ben got his acting chops. And to get a picture like this.

and and how Ben was proud of his parents…and maybe vice versa. 

“I nearly cried watching it. I’m so proud of them and I’m so proud of the reaction they got – and I think they’re perfect casting as my parents! They’re actors, and they get nervous as well, and yet they were brilliant, they hit home runs, they were fantastic and it was lovely – really, really nice – to have them on set. It was really gorgeous, a very special feeling.”

so to end this post, thanks to these people

for bringing this dork…

i mean this man

for us to see his talent.