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Alternate Dailymotion Video (if you live in Germany, try this).

15 delays later, including the first and biggest one (this was meant for 2015-16′s winter holiday/vacation season. It’s explained in the next post.) Seeing as Nidorina the wifemom is in it, though, we’ll just call it an early Mother’s Day bonus. Yes. That was the plan.

ALSO, a new playlist created for Aqua Bunny Animation productions (because a new channel would cause me to reupload, sacrificing several year old stats, which I won’t do). Keep an eye on it.

Enjoy and please support, as I’m hoping to get more in for AB’s 10th! In fact I can’t stop, I’m already working on to the next. What is “taking a rest”?

To be tangentially continued next post…



Whenever you see a wipe transition

Any time a character mentions The Force

Whenever someone says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this

Any time a Skywalker whines

Whenever the Millennium Falcon doesn’t jump to lightspeed as expected

Whenever you hear the Wilhelm Scream

Whenever the numbers “1138” or “2187” are referenced

Whenever Darth Vader force-chokes someone

Whenever The Imperial March plays


Whenever Greedo shoots first (Why are you watching this version, anyway? You must be punished. DOUBLE SHOT.)

Whenever a large, spherical space weapon is obliterated by upstart forces

When anyone says “It’s a trap!”

Whenever a Force Ghost appears / is heard

Whenever somebody has their hand / arm chopped off

When anyone screams “Noooooooo!”

If these rules aren’t enough you can go all-out with our extended version, complete with useless CG characters:


Whenever someone turns a lightsaber on or off

Anytime someone does an unnecessary flip

Whenever tractor beams are used

Whenever a random, unnecessary CG character shows up in the Special Editions (Warning: to avoid dangerous levels of Fruitopication, please only implement this rule with a safety guide present.)


Every time Jar-Jar steps in poop

When anyone says “midichlorians

Anytime characters enter a wacky space bar