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This is sort of a Zhan Zheng Xi appreciation post that no one asked for.
He is extremely caring and kind, always checking on Jian Yi and wanting to understand him.
After the kiss he still assured Jian Yi that he wasn’t going to judge him or think any less of him for it. It also made me wonder if he knows that Jian Yi has feelings for him.
Zheng Xi is so protective and clearly puts Jian Yi above himself and most other people in his life. He is also very intimate with Jian Yi, hugging and grabbing his hand of his own free will.
Zheng Xi is probably struggling with how he feels about Jian Yi right now as well. But we aren’t given any insight to how he is handling what happened.
I really want to know more about what Zhan Zheng Xi is feeling and thinking, especially regarding the kiss. It is very likely that he has developing feelings for him and it would be interesting to see more about that.
I really want to know more about what Zhan Zheng Xi is thinking in the future, we know so little about his emotional development right now.
Haha, i really rambled here, but he is one of my favorites characters ever and i want to know more about him!!
Photo/translation credits @yaoi-blcd
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Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 6 x 12 - In sync

Oh, yeah. - Adalind 

I love that as she says that, both she and Nick are in sync. They inhale and exhale at the same time as they reminisce about their not so friendly past. lol  

The reason Scott is crying when lydia says that she never said it back is because he knows how that feels. Allison told him she loved him moments before her death and he never got to say it back. He knows very well the pain Lydia feels

إني مغرم بما تحتويه عينيكِ من تفاصيل,تاه من تحداني في رسمهم.
I’m in love with the details in your eyes, everyone who dared me to draw them got lost.
—  زيدالحوراني