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the japanese language sure can paint a picture with words but u have to absorb so much onomatopoeia to grasp a sentence that simplifies an entire concept down to just a few words

for instance, take the sentence 「宇宙の彼方でフワフワゴロン」(from my rilakkuma pencil case lmao)

i feel like it’d be easier for a non native speaker to understand the expanded concept of “tumbling weightlessly beyond the cosmos”, than the simplified “fuwafuwa goron beyond the cosmos” (fuwafuwa being ‘fluffy’/‘airy’/‘light’/‘floating’, and goron being ‘rolling’/’tumbling’ in a particularly rounded out/lazy/careless sense)

like, words that have set meanings and tenses and can be searched in a dictionary are a lot easier and faster to learn than are words that capture the essence of a feeling, with no set singular definition, but somehow still having a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to use it. you have to just hear and see those words used in countless scenarios to get an understanding of what each one feels like, what it’s capturing, and theres an ENDLESS LIST of words like this for endless unique concepts and properties. i even remember my japanese teacher going over this in class and trying to teach us how certain sounds can convey “sharp” or “round” or “full” or “hollow”. like with the change of a syllable a japanese speaker could verbally imply the difference between a “knock” on a wood table (konkon), or a “knock” on a metal baking pan (kankan). god it just fucks me up and i love it