Itt és most kell szeretni, nem akkor, meg majd, mert soha nem tudhatod, hogy mi lesz a következő pillanatban. Itt és most kell kimutatni, felvállalni, mert minden perc értékes, hisz ami elmúlik azt már nem hozhatod vissza. Itt és most, mert ha nem, hidd el bánni fogod.

It’s funny how I used to hate my body so much. I used to look in the mirror and see my scars and stretch marks, my curves and my edges as something ugly and shameful.

Lately I have been learning to love myself and I have discovered that I am beautiful. I do have flaws and I know I could loose a few pounds but I love my body. And I have also discovered that life is so much easier that way.

No more crying when shopping for clothes. No more sighs when looking in the mirror. No more envy for all my skinnier friends. I am me and I am beautiful.


Thor Filming in Brisbane City - Part 1-2-3
Behind The Scenes At The Final Days Of "30 Rock"
Swordplay! Solemn introspection! Intense feelings for inanimate objects! Tom Ceraulo, writer for the beloved, imminently departing comedy, reflects on his time in the trenches.
By Tom Ceraulo

not to be dramatic but I would die to have been in the 30 Rock writer’s room. I would die, come back as a ghost, go back in time as a ghost, and then lurk in the writer’s room. 

My darling anon,

I’ve gotten rather behind on asks with how busy I’ve been lately, but I was catching up on my inbox last night and saw this, and I had to reply because I have actually been screaming internally over that same thought for ages, but I felt too embarrassed to bring the topic up since my thoughts on the topic are so extra and trashy… But if you’re the one bringing it up, my darling anon, I am absolutely here for a conversation about this freaking practice video and Youngjae’s extremely rude flirtation with Jaebum the camera!!

I mean, okay. First of all, who gave him the right??? Like, while seeing Youngjae winking and/or sticking out his tongue flirtatiously is relatively rare, he’s definitely done it before. ( x x x ) Even in the Just Right practice video, he pulled a winking tongue move!

It’s just that oftentimes, in my opinion, the feel of the gesture is a bit different?? Usually the way he does it comes across as more playful and childishly teasing, and even in Just Right it’s more of a cutesy tease than… well, whatever he’s doing in the If You Do video. And I can’t help thinking of a rather significant difference: Im Jaebum is behind the camera for one of them… 

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Can we all take a minute to appreciate how the Pokemon fandom is so angry right now that this next episode preview has 61,000 dislikes and counting and only about 1400 likes? I’m still laughing about it and it’s been almost a week.