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In Attack on Titan Junior High - I remember when it was airing - people were really excited about the notice board with the 104th’s faces being drawn by the other characters and wanted to know who drew what. So, if you’re still curious, here you go!

I don’t trust anyone who says that they’re essentially allowed to demonize Reaper because he’s a villain. Like, no shit, he kills people, but that doesn’t give you the right to call him a mindless beast and a cruel monster who doesn’t deserve redemption.

I see essays upon essays of (white) villains in other fandoms like Kylo Ren on why they should get a chance or they’re even given the qualities of the actual heroes in order to be seen as more likeable?

Gabriel has dealt with twenty years of bullshit. Twenty. Years. But it’s the fact that he was revived against his permission that turned him into what he is now. That’s a genuine villain with an understandable motive. Does that make him right? Well, no. But we’ve been shown that not everyone in Overwatch is innocent.

It’s really alarming that the most of villains in this game are pretty much…men of color. The Hero short, the 76 comics…I think the only white villain we’ve seen is that guy from the first Torbjorn comic that was piloting the giant omnic. If there’s another, it honestly doesn’t change much. Other than that, we’ve seen Mexican men of color get their faces bashed in by piñatas and Egyptian men of color beaten as well.

I’m not saying that they’re innocent. But I’m real tired of this White Savior agenda going on because why…are we supposed to think ‘hero’ and immediately see more images of Tracer, 76, and Mercy more than anyone else? Lucio doesn’t have a comic nor a short to put his image at the forefront of our minds, and I’ve seen some people call him a domestic terrorist. D.VA doesn’t have a comic nor a short either.

This is getting real long but, mind the way you talk about both Gabriel Reyes and Reaper. They’re the same person, but not really. Gabriel Reyes in Blackwatch has nothing to canonically back the fact he’s abusive or a rapist. NOTHING in canon about Reaper promotes that shit either. So cut it out.