yall i get padparadscha is cute and pure and we love her but ,,, there’s a polyamorous gem, a conjoined gem and ANOTHER fusion yet theyre shoved to the side for the most normal lookin one um?

you have fluorite, who’s probably not the fandom favourite (bc she’s not tiny, femme and cute!! fucking tragic) but she’s made of SIX GEMS. that takes a lot. her components must be so loving and committed to be able to stay in a stable, polyamorous, six-gem fusion and i really admire that. also she’s so gentle, softspoken and sweet what the heck. protect caterpillar grandma

and my personal favourite, rutile !! my twin children ! sapphire isn’t the only one who has it rough (since she can’t really do her job bless her);; the other rutiles deadass ran away from our rutiles when they emerged ?? and they’re so cute they have opposite opinions/ repeat each other’s sentences and gosh. they saved steven and lars from the robonoids too? i love them so much + theyre not a negative portrayal of conjoined twins !! fucking fabulous

i don’t really know what to say about rhodonite since we have quite a lot of fusions anyway but she’s so brave living on homeworld (not that she has anywhere else to go but still? u go) when different-gem fusions are obviously frowned upon. and our rhodonite is rumoured to be a ruby and a pearl !! personally i love that since rubies and pearls are shown to be completely different gems and the character herself is just. so pure. always worrying, concerned for her friends? A True Mom

so yes i’m aware that padparadscha sapphire is adorable but please ?? show some love towards the other off colors?? it’s too early to be favoring the only one not misshapen have a good day and thanks for listening


This blink and you’ll miss it shot kills me.

Sam, who has just been held down by these guys and force fed demon blood against his will proceeds to beat them up and makes them leave the bar. Sam, who has a history throughout the show of being forced into doing shit he doesn’t want to do, and having his choices taken away from him, is rightfully furious about what has happened. We see this anger in the first GIF. But then, that anger slowly trickles away and he turns back to meet the gaze of the girl he met, and what is that anger replaced with? SHAME. Sam Winchester, the boy who doesn’t have a bad bone in his body, feels shame for an act that another group of humans forced him into. They antagonised him. They attacked him. They held him down. They fed him that blood. But Sam is the one who can’t look her in the eye. Sam is the one who probably has unimaginably negative thoughts of himself going through his head, because we all know how little self-worth he has, coupled with an equally low opinion of himself to match. He thinks that all of this was his fault, and that hurts. It’s all there in his expression, so kudos to Jared for this scene, it’s beautiful.

Three times in Arrow Episode 5x22 Oliver thought Felicity was in danger/taken...

First time

Oops! But happy Felicity is safe.

Second time

Almost had a heart attack but she is alive, safe and really really adorable.

 Third time and his worst fear came true.


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