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I don’t really get why it’s so hard for people to comprehend that MAYBE, just maybe, El and Mike are actually soulmates or each other’s “destiny”. I understand they’re 13/14, that it’s puppy love, and that it’s a young age for everything to be set in stone for their futures. But is it so hard to comprehend that they just have a bond?

My aunt and uncle have been together since they were 13, they had 6 kids and are still deeply in love to this day. Considering the circumstances under how they (mike and el) met, I’d say that’s pretty incredible. Sure, collectively they’ve literally only known each other for a week and a half. But they NEVER gave up on each other. 353 days and they NEVER stopped searching for each other. Say what you want, you don’t have to ship them. But it’s really not all that far fetched that they could last a whole life time together, and what an amazing life they could share.

I can understand why people would identify El as Jane, and I understand why people may not like referring to her as El or Eleven. However, the way I see it, El was never able to form a proper identity of her own. She never knew herself as “Jane” and she never knew the mother that gave her that name. But she knows Eleven and she knows El and that’s probably what Hopper has been calling her for 353 days (El that is), most likely in a father figure tone that she’s become comfortable with.

No one calls her Eleven anymore, but they call her El. Her friends, Hopper, Joyce and of course Mike. Mike took the negative of being named after a lab experiment, shortened it and referred to her as El. She never fought it, she never disliked it, she went with it. The more people used “El” the more positive reinforcement was added to her name, thus blooming a new identity and one she doesn’t have to be afraid of, or hate.

At the end of the day, it’s up to her what she wants to be referred to as (I’m sure we’ll hear it mentioned in S1) but her name being El doesn’t have to have negative backgrounds to it. Every person she cares about calls her El, and since she’s been isolated her whole life, I think she’s just happy to have found some sort of identity to attach herself to and grow from there.

Regardless I love my child, and I hope she’s happy forever and ever ok

me every night during ramadan, 2 min before i have to break my fast: dear god, let nct 127s next comeback shake the entire world, let sistar be successful in all their future endeavours, give jackson the rest he so well deserves, give kim namjoon and kim seokjin all the respect in this world, let kyla know that she is beautiful and loved just the way she is, don’t let lay overwork himself, give fx their comeback, tell seungri bigbang wouldnt be where it is today without him, let girl groups be treated better, dont let their be another instance of an idol making colorist and insensitive comments and appropriating black culture, pls eradicate all the toxic people in this fandom and send all koreaboos and homophobes to the bermuda triangle, also give monstax their first win, thank you, alhamdulillah and ameen. 


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