💡6/100 days of productivity:

I was feeling better today, so I grabbed some coffee and got to work early. I have a big history exam tomorrow, which I’ll have to cram for. Also Latin and Ancient Greek, but those I hope will be manageable. Wish me luck🌼

Music Tag!

Thanks for the tag molly!  @storylegacysims

Put your music library on shuffle. List the first ten songs that come up, and then tag ten people.

  1. M.I.A - Paper Planes
  2. Chance The Rapper - Sunday Candy
  3. ABBA - Dancing Queen
  4. Oasis - Wonderwall
  5. Sia - Chandelier
  6. Niall Horan - Slow Hands
  7. Childish Gambino - Sober
  8. J. Cole - Work out
  9. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
  10. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Show me your music library - @katiessims @koa-lotus @madeyesims @lovelyyysims @plumbobpancakes @exi-sim-stial @stardustsim @simalienn @simcitiess @0simthology

when you use your gps for the first time since pre-injury six weeks ago and you’re still doing the thing at a pretty ok pace and it’s so beautiful and you’re feeling nostalgic and sad and happy at the same time so you’re a hot sweaty mess post-run in your car in a small town McDonald’s parking lot in the middle of your road trip home crying and you’re not really sure what you’re feeling but it’s a lot