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Bellarke fans are not homophobic you fucking idiot we just dont want Clarke with someone who betrayed her and abandoned her and everyone from the Ark to die then pushed her away from her people, kidnapped her, and is keeping her in her stupid tower against her will. Can't wait for Lexa to finally die this season so Clexa fans can all go away and we can get our show back to the way it was.

pal buddy friend…ive tried to be so civil with your side of the fandom but its been like a week and a half since that post yet you’re still spamming my inbox spewing stupidity so here we go. game on. first of all the only reason why you were able to come into my blog and be obnoxious is that whatever i told your friend was off anon because i own up to my words and second she was being homophobic af. clearly i didnt drive my point hard enough because youre still here being ignorant so let’s try to educate you on some things:

  • your friend can be part of the lgbt community and still be homophobic. surprise! ever heard of internalized homophobia??? google is your friend, use it. just like POC can be racist and women can be misogynistic, bisexual/trans/gay/lesbian/pan people can be homophobic. also i really find it curious that suddenly 90% of the blarkes use being bi as an excuse for their behavior. did all the straight people in this fandom vanish or are you all using bisexuality as an excuse to be problematic??? hmm…
  • i dont think anyone in your fandom is being called homophobic for disliking lexa just like people can’t call me racist for not jumping on the bellamy train. you are not problematic for not liking someone who is part of a minority. when you start crossing the line between an opinion and straight up bigotry is the moment you start:
    • reducing lexa to just her sexuality,
    • claiming lexa/her romantic feelings are being given preferential treatment by the fandom/media/writers because of her sexuality,
    • tacking on non-existent character traits (ie: manipulative, abusive, toxic, kidnapper) to turn her into the textbook predatory lesbian seemingly giving you carte blanche to freely hate her and call for the death of a minority character. “lexa is a manipulative bitch. she needs to die. get her away from clarke!” my man…you could throw all the characters on this show in a blender and you still couldn’t come up with a human smoothie a quarter as manipulative and conniving as clarke griffin…yet she’s everyone’s fave. shady but ok. she’s the lead character ill give you that one. moving on…
  • speaking of representation, i find it precious that most of you seem to want to invalidate the representation queer women are getting and substitute it for the representation convenient for your ship…aka a “biracial relationship”. if we’re going to start keeping tabs based on who deserves it more i could make a seemingly endless list of successful biracial relationships and even better i could also off the top of my head easily name 30 bisexual and biracial m/f couples in the past 10-15 years on network. now please give me a list of f/f relationships on network television where one of the two women is the main character of the show and the relationship is given the “main ship” treatment. go on. ill wait. 
  • if you guys are really that concerned with representation why do you seem to want the only openly lesbian character on the show dead??? it’s great that a half filipino man is leading a show and you want him treated right so badly, but there are exponentially more men of color starring successful shows than there are badass lesbians YET you keep wishing her (and the actress that plays her!!!) dead. kind of contradicting yourselves a little there. you seem to be so torn up about race representation but apparently couldn’t give one single entire fuck about LGBT. how transparent and funny.
  • its problematic af that you make lexa out to be the spawn of satan himself and then turn around and excuse the same actions on other (read: straight) characters. i could go on about the list of couples ive seen blarkes ship that are actually toxic but suddenly they cant read when you call them out on it. but fine…lets not go into other shows and keep it restricted to this fictional universe. lets limit this to just one example for the sake of brevity:
    • “lexa is a murderer…she didnt have to kick that grounder off the balcony just for disagreeing with her.” that was an actual thing i saw someone argue while three posts down defending bellamy for killing the elevator operators instead of idk…incapacitating them??? tying them up?? anything but kill them??? 
    • murphy killed people almost for sport on season 1 but everyone loves him. 
    • finn apologists actually exist….
    • ……yet somehow “IF LEXA WAS A MAN EVERYONE WOULD HATE HER AND NO ONE WOULD SHIP CLEXA” is a real argument you guys use on the daily. sounds fake af to me but okay. starting to see the double standards and the homophobic tendencies yet??? no??? im not done yet don’t you worry.
  • you continuously claim jason and the writers fetishize clarke, lexa, and their sexuality. how? by being two women showing each other the affection usually reserved for the m/f ships??? i haven’t seen this criticism used for any of the other couples on the show so its surprising to me how you wonder you’re coming across as homophobic.
  • you continuously claim the show, the actors, the writer’s social media, and press are becoming “the lexa/clexa show” and deny the validity of clarke and lexa’s mutual feelings despite being told repeatedly that they (currently) are the only canon romantic ship involving clarke…yeah you are being kinda homophobic pal.
  • you refuse to take into consideration that most showrunners wont even touch The Gay Couple™ with a ten foot pole yet here you are throwing tantrums over wlw being acknowledged for a change. starting to see the pattern of behavior yet???
  • “BUT I SHIP MINTY! IM OBVIOUSLY NOT HOMOPHOBIC!!!” okay bud…but how about the fact that gay men have a much higher rate of acceptance in society than lesbians and/or bisexual women??? lesbophobia is real and yours shows every day.
  • “THERE ARE OTHER QUEER COUPLES ON THE SHOW. THAT’S REPRESENTATION! WAH WAH WAH” ……..and there are other straight couples on the show too??????? and on every other channel and show on television?????? why is that not enough for you but suddenly one actress saying on twitter that her character is queer should be enough to sate my want for seeing strong women love each other???

i could keep going but truth be told you guys are fucking exhausting and trying to reason with you is like trying to teach a child quantum physics. you just wont get it. bottomline is that blarkes always seem more concerned with the use of the word homophobia than what you actually said to warrant being called out. spice up the routine a little and actually read the words people are telling you instead of claiming you’re being bullied by those Mean Gays. that got old like a year ago. 

Asshole: Kill all men! they deserve to die and hate themselves! fuck men!

No, stop.

  • Have you forgotten that males have more tendency to commit suicide and have depression? This isn’t going to do anything but worsen their situation because they feel that people hate them for something they can’t help being and plus since their feelings are invalidated, it’ll be harder to speak out for help.
  • This is transphobic because transmen are REAL men. You’re literally hating on someone who can’t help being a man.
  • If you scream equality for all, hate and hate won’t be the answer. You can’t put out fire with another fire.
  • “But women are oppressed-” Stop. You only care about the women in 3rd world countries if its going to spread your movement. Stop making women feel weak and pathetic for being in a 3rd world country. Stop pushing the idea that women can’t be powerful, be oppressed, and lowering their self esteem for throwing the “you can’t be x because a man rules over you!!”
  • “Its just a joke!” “This was created as a joke (referring to kill all men).” Pretty sure if its the other way around, ya’ll would get riled up because women in x -Asian country- are being killed. Well, shit. Saying these things won’t do jack for fellow Asians/Asian women like me! Surprise!! We don’t get magically treated better or seen ~supreme men~ and fyi most Asian countries don’t treat women as a weakling.

MY FLY PIRATE turnt 7 TODAY Happybirthday !!!

M.I.A’s son Ikhyd turns 7 today!


1/100 days of productivity. 

Today was my first day of the second term and it was surprisingly motivating. Professors seem really nice and engage. This term I’m taking: 

  • Surgical basis
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiology
  • General Pharmacology (in English, which is not my first language, and we even have to give a presentation!)
  • Radiotherapy
  • Anaesthesiology, Reanimation, and Pain Therapeutics. 

All of these subjects have hospitality practices and seem super interesting! 

Also, started reading Baricco’s Noveccento, and keeping up with my planner. Quite a productive day, I’d say