Throwback to their first time greeting the crowd with their slogan “We are one”. Look how awkward it was. Took them a few seconds to complete the greeting. Suho even made a mistake in bowing before the others. It’s just nice watching this because 4 years have passed and now they can do this greeting absentmindedly and you will never be able to see them this young and nervous (and complete huhu) again. #4YearsWithEXO



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when you get too emotional over EXO you become EXOTIONAL

so yixing replies to sehun’s post on weibo about spending the end of 2016 together as ot9

luhan liked pictures of sehun on weibo

then there’s chanyeol taking a picture of kris’ poster at the airport

and krishan is meeting up again???

oh look there’s krisyeol (#2), krishan (#8) and hunhan (#9) trending on weibo NOW

what a great way to start 2016. im exotion-ing right now

EXO “Sing For You” Theory

This song is for OT12.
       Yeah, any OT12 haters can leave now and call me delulu, it’s fine. But I’m convinced this song is for OT12. Here’s why: 
       I was getting OT12 vibes just from watching the video, actually. Two of the most important scenes that represent this, in my opinion, are the scene at 1:39 where everyone has ditched Baek. It represents his fear that everyone in EXO will leave him someday. You can argue with me if you wish, but I think he’s one of the members who is the most sensitive about the whole OT12 mess (if not actually the MOST sensitive member himself). He did get caught up in that whole dating mess shortly after Kris and Lu split, which I still think was just a way for SM to create false publicity to hide the entire EXO scandal (again, you can argue with me on that if you wish, but it’s what I believe), and he’s also the member who has let his tongue slip about OT12 the most (think EXO’luXion and radio shows). There’s also the scene at 3:02. Originally I was just going “wtf? wtf??” at Suyeol’s fight, but after they both fell to their knees and Suho disappeared, leaving Chanyeol by himself, I realized it might represent Chanyeol’s fear that their leader will abandon them and his anger that will result if that ever happens. But Suho disappears at the end when Chanyeol is on his knees because he hasn’t left them. This entire music video is just a bunch of manifestations of the fears of the EXO members, of their terrifying fears of loneliness, of being left as not ONE TOGETHER, but one person, all alone. I also read this lovely Tumblr explanation a fellow EXO-L posted:…, which wonderfully explains the significance of the whale and astronaut (further adding to the loneliness part of the theory), and even she also speculates the song might be for the members who left. The Korean lyrics don’t really seem to imply so, if you read their translations, but let me tell you, the Chinese version is another story altogether. Here’s a translated lyric video: (I didn’t make it, I’m just using it to prove my point. All credit to the maker! :D) 
       To start: “Worries piling up like snow, humming how much I miss you into a song.” Ok look, if this song was for EXO-Ls, it wouldn’t make sense. We’re still here, supporting EXO all the way. We haven’t gone anywhere. But we know who has… Also “can you hear? I’ll sing for you.” Of course we can hear them, but again, who is this song for? And why might they cease to hear it? Think about it.
       Then Suho’s line: “I finally mustered up the courage to be honest with this secret.” You know how long EXO has hid their pain from us? How many times has Baek let his tongue slip and had to cover up the completely harmless fact that he misses Lu (I’m assuming he misses Lu the most because of that one incident at EXO'luXion, and also, BaekLu was pretty close to begin with anyway) and the other two? And again, “even if you don’t realize, I’ll sing for you.” Guys, why would WE not realize they’re singing for us? If they were singing for us, then there’s no reason we wouldn’t hear or we wouldn’t realize. It’s so obvious this song is dedicated to TaorisHan.
       "The love I want to say, the love I’m unable to say.“ This line, man. I’m sure if EXO had the choice, they would’ve come clean about how deeply they miss their members a long time ago. But I’m also sure that SM censors their words. This song might be the closest they can get to dedicating something to TaorisHan. "I ask for you to listen. I’ll sing for you, I’ll sing for you.”
       "Blame me for not being brave. I ask for you to listen in the distance. I’ll sing for you. I’ll sing for you.“ This line, out of them all, convinces me THE MOST that this song is in honor of OT12. Blame you for not being brave? It’s EXO saying that they wish they were strong enough to not give a fuck what SM says and confess how much they miss TaorisHan publicly. "I ask for you to listen in the distance.” But still, they hope that their departed members will keep an ear open and listen to this song. This song that has MUCH MORE POIGNANT LYRICS IN THE CHINESE VERSION THAN THE KOREAN VERSION. If this isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. The levels of meaning behind the Korean version aren’t anywhere as deep as this one.
       "One day you’ll understand my love.“ More apologies. Maybe one day OT12 will be one again, and everyone can explain to each other what all the miscommunication and loneliness and heartbreak has taught them.
       "Thank you for the miracle of fate, guiding me to meet you.” EXO’s OT9 thanking fate that it brought EXO’s OT12 together in the first place. No matter how painful they are, I’m sure both you and I and all of EXO looks back upon MAMA, Wolf, and Growl era with a fondness as well as the pain. (Overdose is pretty much just 100% pain, at least to me.)
       "Possibly after tonight, I’ll become the cowardly me again. That’s why I must say it tonight. Please use your heart to listen.“ After tonight, EXO won’t say anything more about how much they miss TaorisHan. But it’ll all be captured here in this song, and they hope TaorisHan is listening, because they’re singing for them. Use your heart, with its raw vulnerability and potential to forgive, rather than your spiteful seething heart, and feel the love that bridges the distance between OT9 and the departed three.
       "Just want YOU to listen.” Just you. And “you” know who you are.

       Regardless of whether my theory is right or not, I’m crying. This song is really gorgeous, and as with most cases, I love the Chinese version much more. Partly because I can actually speak and understand Chinese, and partly because of this. It’s just so much more poignant. Fighting, EXO-Ls~ Stay strong and support the boys, yeah? If they’re saying stuff like this, then I can start to believe again… I can believe that someday, one day, OT12 will meet again. And ‘til then, we’ll wait ❤