Thor Filming in Brisbane City - Part 1-2-3
Behind The Scenes At The Final Days Of "30 Rock"
Swordplay! Solemn introspection! Intense feelings for inanimate objects! Tom Ceraulo, writer for the beloved, imminently departing comedy, reflects on his time in the trenches.
By Tom Ceraulo

not to be dramatic but I would die to have been in the 30 Rock writer’s room. I would die, come back as a ghost, go back in time as a ghost, and then lurk in the writer’s room. 


”There seemed to be this almost supernatural glow to her that’s hard to describe. Literally there was an aura emanating from her, a white or blue aura. It’s as if Edie was illuminated from within. Her skin was translucent — Marilyn Monroe had that quality.”