“There’s a place I really miss. I was pretty stressed out when I was a student. So, there’s a park that I always went to, to relieve my stress. It’s a park near Nakdong River. There’s nothing in that area, it’s a dark, wide open space. It’s so strange. If the weather is bad at night you really can’t even see your feet anymore. When I’m on the top, in the depths of the dark I feel really alone. Even if I screamed at the top of my lungs, no one would care.
“You were able to relieve stress that way?”
“It was also an excuse for me to secretly drink there.”

“그리운 장소가 하나 있어요. 학생 때 나름 스트레스가 있잖아요. 스트레스 풀려고 항상 갔던 공원이 있어요. 낙동강 쪽에 한 공원이 있는데, 그 주변엔 아무것도 없고 까맣게 뻥 트여있어요. 되게 묘해요. 날씨 안 좋은 날 밤이면 정말 발 밑도 잘 안보였어요. 게다가 꼭대기에 있으면 어둠 속에 딸랑 저 혼자 있는 느낌이 들어요. 소리 질러도 아무도 뭐라 안 하고.”
“그럼 맘이 좀 풀리던가요?”
“그런 느낌을 핑계로 거기서 몰래 술을 마시기도 했죠.”