“I needed a drink of water after my shower but I forgot that I opened the blinds to my balcony and you just saw me walk into my kitchen naked.”

because this needed to be done

* * *

Percy kind of loved living alone. It gave him all sorts of freedom. He could get home from work and order take-out three nights in a row and no one would judge him. He could sit in his pyjamas all day and play video games on his day off without someone nagging at him to get off his lazy ass. He could walk around the apartment butt naked and be reassured that he was the only person with a key.

This was precisely his train of thought one Saturday when he stepped out of the shower and realised he had neglected to grab a towel before going into the bathroom. With a heavy sigh, he shook his hair out and opened the bathroom door. Steam billowed out with him, clinging to his skin as he crossed the room and dissipating in the cool air of his apartment.

Instead of heading straight for his bedroom, PErcy took a detour to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and turn the coffee machine on. He stretched his arms above his head, linking his fingers together and groaning. His body ached from a long week of shifts at the fire station. Percy loved his job, even the saving-kittens-from-trees and giving-talks-to-middle-schoolers parts, but he sure did miss having regular weekends; this had to be his first one in at least a month.

He padded into the kitchen and pulled a glass from the cupboard and turns the tap on to fill it up with water. The sink was underneath a window which looked out across the street and gave him a view of the block of apartments directly opposite. That was the thing with Manhattan, Percy saw his neighbours all the time - all crammed on top of one another like they were - but he never spoke to them.

One particular neighbour Percy wished he could speak to was the girl who lived across the street from him. He often saw her curled up on the window seat with a book in her hands, eyes trained sharply on the page, hair draped over one shoulder or pulled up into a sloppy bun. More than once, they’d made eye contact and tipped their coffee mugs awkwardly at one another. But other than that, Percy hadn’t had any contact with her. They weren’t in the same building to bump into each other in the elevator or picking up their mail.

As Percy looked up through the window this morning, hoping to see her, and he was met with exactly that. She was standing at her window with a mug of coffee and one hand over her mouth, those sharp eyes of hers drawn wide in shock and oh god.

Oh fuck. No, please no.

Blood rushed to Percy’s cheeks as he registered what he’d done. Before his shower, he’d opened the blinds of his glass balcony doors and he’d just walked across his apartment to his kitchen, passing that window and fuck. She’d have seen… everything.


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“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you” AU Percabeth

They’ve been in the closet for three minutes now, sitting on the floor with their backs to the door and their shoulders pressed together. Annabeth lets out a long yawn and drops her head to his shoulder.

“D’you recon they actually think we’re making out?” Percy asks her.

“Nah,” she mutters, “who would believe that? I’m like your sister.”

A pause, then, “Yeah.”

Annabeth lifts her head from his shoulder and squints at him in the darkness. “What?”

“What what?”

Annabeth swivels round until she is sitting in front of him and pulls out her phone. She directs the screen at his face so she can see his expression. His cheeks are pink, his dark eyebrows are furrowed over his green eyes and his bottom lip is tucked between his teeth.

“You hesitated,” she says.

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did.”

He sighs, pushing her phone away from his face. “Did not.”

She narrows her eyes at him. “You don’t see me as your sister, do you?”

She can no longer see his face but his fingers brush her knuckles. Annabeth turns her hand over and wraps it around his. “Percy,” she says softly.

“No. I don’t.”

Annabeth takes in a breath, gulps it down deep and makes a decision. Because she is in a closet with her best friend of fifteen years and she has never seen him as her brother. She leans forward until her nose brushes his and hears his breath stutter in.

“Neither do I,” she whispers, and presses her lips to his.

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Percabeth, finding out each other's disgusting habits :)

Annabeth stared at him. ‘Did you just eat that?’

'What?’ he said, swallowing the popcorn.

'Off the floor. You ate it off the floor, like a dog.’

'Five second rule, it’s fine!’

'The bacteria and dirt doesn’t wait five seconds before touching the food you drop on the floor.’

He stuffed another handful of popcorn into his mouth. 'What’s the big deal?’

'It’s disgusting.’

'Everyone does disgusting things.’

'I don’t.’

He looked at her and raised one eyebrow. 'You fart in your sleep, Annabeth.’

'I do not.’

He nodded, looking at the TV screen. 'Yeah, you do.’

She scoffed, slightly horrified. 'I don’t,’ she said meekly.

'Yeah, you do.’

'Well… you still shouldn’t eat food off the floor.’

'You stop farting in your sleep and I’ll stop eating off the floor.’


okay you wont read this until morning now because you’re a normal human who goes to bed at a human time but HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, LOTTIE!!! We’ve been friends for over two years now which is insane and I am so grateful for your terrible humour and general loveliness. hope you had an awesome day, hon xx

(shoutout to Rachel for being a trooper and cheerleading me through this)


The classroom was too warm. Percy’s eyelids drooped heavily as he stared at the screen at the front of class. His knuckles pressed into his cheek as he propped his head up with his elbow on the desk and tried his best to stay awake but, god, Mr Harries knew how to make the stages of mitosis the most boring thing on the planet. It was a shame, because Percy usually loved biology, at least he enjoyed the classes a lot more when Dr Steinberg taught it, but she had to go and get pregnant and leave her class of Juniors with a man who could make bungee jumping sound like a dull experience.

It was a good thing Percy took AP Biology to make up for the mind-numbing quality of this class. But then again, perhaps it was less the class and its teacher, and more him; it took a great deal to keep him focused in class. When he was twelve years old, he was formally diagnosed with ADHD, something his mother still referred to as “an active mind” but he’d noticed the exhausted look of relief on her face when she was given a name for what her son was dealing with, so they might know how to tackle it better.

Percy had always tried to be a good kid, but he was aware of the strain he’d caused on his mother’s life. Bringing up a hyperactive child alone while working two shitty jobs can’t have been an easy thing to do. Sally Jackson, as far as Percy was concerned, was the best woman in the world, and deserved a far better deal than what she’d been given. She had caught a break recently, when she started dating Paul Blofis. And while Percy was appropriately mortified by the knowledge that his mom was dating his English teacher, he knew the guy made her happy so he couldn’t really object all that much.

When the bell finally rang for the end of class, Percy paid attention to Mr Harries long enough to note down their homework. He had his bag on his shoulders and was standing next to Grover’s desk as his friend hastened to shove his books into his bag and pick his crutches up.

“Where’s the fire?” Percy asked as Grover all but ran for the door, swinging wildly on his crutches.

Grover looked over his shoulder. “Enchilada day in the cafeteria, bro.”

Percy’s head fell back as he groaned dramatically. “Dude, I’m not running to the caf–”

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"Wait. How does someone just casually misplace a baby?"

Piper rubbed her face tiredly. “Maybe that wasn’t the best way to phrase it.”

Jason crossed his arms over his chest and sighed. “Maybe it wasn’t. When did you last see her?”

Piper threw her hands up in the air. “She was right there! She was playing with me on the rug and my phone went off so I looked up for like, a second, I swear and when I looked back she was just gone. How was she gone? How is that possible?” She tugged at her hair. “Oh god, Annabeth is gonna kill me. they’re never going to trust me with their child again.”

She felt Jason’s hands settle on her shoulders and despite the added weight, his comfort lifted some of her worry. Some of it.

“Calm down, Pipes. It’s gonna be okay.” His thumbs rubbed a pattern against the material of her sweater. She looked up at him seeing sincerity on his eyes. “Annabeth could never hate you. Our apartment is not that big, we’ll find her. How many places can a baby go?”

She scoffed. “This is the child of Annabeth and Percy Jackson, I wouldn’t bet on anything.”

His expressed wavered and then blanked into panic as the sound of pipes bursting filled the silence of the apartment.

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Do you have any fic recs for post-Tartarus Percy or maybe PTSD/troubled/dark!Percy? PS what's your mobile screen header pic

how about an actual fic written by me (i know, pigs are flying) and if you mean the current one (this is an old ask) it’s from Sense8

They were in a club, which was rare for them as they weren’t exactly party-goers. But there was a band playing that Percy liked and they hadn’t been out together for too long what with homework and extra classes and college applications. Annabeth knew she was running herself into the ground, and it took Percy reminding her that they hadn’t spent any time alone together without a study book present for two months for her to realise that she needed some time off. Even if it was just one Saturday night in a club with sticky floors and non-alcoholic beers which tasted like dirt.

They were standing near the back of the crowd, not overly eager to elbow their way into the group of teenagers before them. Annabeth leaned back against Percy’s shoulder as they stood, feeling content as the music washed over her. She wasn’t the biggest music fan, that was Percy, but she could appreciate the band well enough. In truth, she was just happy to be spending time with him.

Percy’s breath tickled her ear. “You okay? You’re not too tired?”

She laughed softly and turned her head so he could hear her response. “I’m good.”

His hand squeezed her waist and he took a sip of his drink, wincing shortly after. “Man, that’s bad. I’m gonna get some water. You want some?”


He nodded, and glanced over the crowd with a frown. “You gonna be okay?”

Annabeth rolled her eyes and shoved his chest lightly. “Rein in the chivalry a little, please. And do remember that I am perfectly capable of—”

“Of kicking everyone’s ass in this room, yeah,” he finished for her, nodding and rolling his eyes just a little.

“I was going to say, standing up for myself. But that’s also true.”

Percy stared at her, eyebrows raised slightly at her rueful smile until his mouth quirked up too. “Alright. Two waters coming up.”

She slapped his ass. “Hop to it, bus boy.”

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Since you came along

As promised, here’s an extra scene from Stucco Hearts - apparently I just can’t let it go.

This is set somewhere between the last chapter and the epilogue. Enjoy :)


Annabeth thinks the best thing about getting home from work might be taking her pants off.

Honestly, they’re so constricting and the clip digs into her stomach and the seams have left marks on her thighs and god, she almost groans in relief when they drop to the floor at her ankles. It means she’s left in her socks, panties and a cream blouse which falls over her butt. She should pull on her pyjamas or something but her legs want to be bare and free so she lets them be as she moves around the bedroom, putting away the clean laundry she and Percy had abandoned the night before.

She’s just folding the last of her husband’s t-shirts and tucking it into the draw when she hears the front door open and Percy’s voice rings out.


“In the bedroom,” she calls back.

They’ve only recently moved into this apartment. It’s larger than their first one together, to accommodate their bigger than expected family; Sophie and Ben are approaching their fourth birthday and it’s taken this long for Percy and Annabeth’s request for a larger apartment to go through. But she hears Percy push his way past the boxes in the hall, which have yet to find a place to go, and unzip his jacket as he approaches the bedroom.

“Hey,” he says tiredly. “Oh, hey.” He sounds much more awake the second time.

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