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I know you love me to no end. Translate them: cock, moan. :) both meanings for the first one too XD

=.= srsly now .. you remind me of another little ..wait not so little..pervert around here on tumbr =.= but yeah .. fineeeee

cock - cocoş

       - dick / penis 

moan - geamat 

//for understanding the meaning of this word better please refer to the gifs bellow..thank you :) //


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grey, black, purple :D

=.= fineeee… so many ;A;

Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things

  • favourite thing number 1 : A KPOP BAND that has 15 crazy , funny , cute / hot guys LOL
  • another favourite thing hummm .. thing ? like objects ? ide my lappie ? or if not objects cats :X:X ( EUNHAE is my fav though haha :X )

Black: 1 fact about the person I like

  • He’s older but doesn’t seem his age..he’s cute but can be manly too .. he lives in another country …he likes pumpkin pie …he knows korean ..japanese and mandarin .. he likes pink..bunnies .. he likes to keep his house clean .. he did martial arts .. he can sing and dance..he plays the piano..guitar.. and drums :)

Purple: 10 facts about my room.

  • it’s messy most of the time 
  • i have a big bed 
  • i have Super Junior posters on my wall ..but some old ones with what music or people i liked before too ..on my wardrobe doors too 
  • i have 2 walls painted yellow and the other 2 are orange :)
  • you don’t really have much space here =.= like ofr dance or smhing like that
  • i have many toys ;)) like teddy bears and a cat ..a monkey..bunny ..etc lol
  • it’s cold in the summer ..and warm in the winter 
  • there’s a blanket for Eunhae on my bed..he sleeps there 
  • my pillows and other stuff on the bed are mostly pink :)
  • i have the tv on the wall..umm idk how to explain this ..on the up left side :)

that’s all haha xDDD 

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I never said I want Hyuk back if I send Ming. Because I am a good unnie like this and I know what’s important to you now. ^^ UNNIE-AH but we can’t help it chinja… :o3 it’s mostly because i’m a bit greedy and i want moar lol

yeah but a deal is a deal >_< i don’t wanna be a bad dongsaeng u know …. 

i know you’re greedy hahaha Hae knows it too lol *winks* that thing is getting into me too haha xDDDDD my pumpkin <3<3 ughh i miss him ;A; say that to him nee ?? and that ofc he’s important too me keke i just have to get over my Hyuk phase =.=

// get on yahoo too unnie … please //

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Yah That’s YOUR Problem! You both choose to be silly and exchange Husbands! Now you have to bear the consequences! I’m only going to look at both of you and Laugh! With my own husband (NO TALK ABT HOYA OR I’LL KILL YA!)

LOL well excuse me because she is with her MAIN husband ..i just took the 2nd one … pfff look who’s talking unnie keke HOYAAAAAAAA OMG TEUK S GONNA BE SO JELLY WHEN HE FOUNDS ABOUT THIS HAHHA *evil laugh* 

*me and Kyu have a good plan* *winks*