I guess, amen to that. I’ve picked wild flowers a couple of times myself, but I always felt bad and knew it wasn’t the right thing to do no matter how pretty they were or how badly I wanted them for my journal pages. Also every time I saw pictures of bloggers picking wild flowers, saying “plants are friends” and stuff, I always felt disturbed. How can you be more hypocritical when you’re technically killing your “friends”? Instead, we’re suppose to protect them and love as it is growing out of the soil of the Mother Nature. I love plants, I love looking at them and having them on my desk or in my patio. If you’re the same way, I guess we all have to just appreciate plants as they are wherever they are, not picking them and keeping them for ourselves. I might sound too nosy, but that’s my opinion on, at least, people who pick/kill plants just to show off their love towards on the plants and nature. Come on, you love dogs, so you hate those who eat dogs and the culture, thinking that’s wrong. It’s the same thing. You love plants, so then you need to, at least, leave them alone.