Dusk falling on The Canal du Midi St Jory, France.

I was pleasantly surprised as I entered the Tumblr building today, expecting to hear my own footsteps echoing off of the cold, dark walls, but no! There were some familiar faces here, blue-tacking their photos to the walls - that is comforting.

Here’s the first picture of 2013, a view of the lovely canal du Midi, stretching off into the distance as it shuffles, silently and lazily towards The Mediterranean Sea.

I went out late to get my pic today, light was failing and the cloudy sky looked good, but I knew it would be darkening too quickly for any decent result to be snapped up.

This is an attempt at an HDR, a few images sandwiched together to make the most of what light was left.

I packed up my gear after taking a series of shots and made my way back home down a track between the gravel pits and the fields and had to slam on my brakes as three young deer ambled across the track in front of me - I had my gear in the boot of the car, which was frustrating as the three deer just stood staring at me, for what seemed like hours - although it was probably a matter of about 15 seconds or so.

That was another lesson learned … 

Yay for #MypicToday2013

#mypictoday  When you’re very very small and close to the ground, may be this is what the world looks like?  Another one of my experimental attempts at something different.  I think it could have been worse.

(Thanks for the feedback on my motion blur shot the other day.  It was much appreciated.  Having never taken a photo like that before, I wasn’t sure about it so it was really good to hear what others thought.)

#mypictoday  What you are witnessing in this rather out of focus shot is the very moment at which I was rumbled.  Seconds later, I heard “mumble mumble mumble” … “mumble mumble why?” … “mumble mumble how the fuck should I know mumble mumble?”.   I put my phone away and thought about the feedback I had received from others about this very thing.  To ask or not to ask, to tell or not to tell.  So, mustering up a huge amount of courage, I walked up to them and confessed.  They laughed and took it in good grace.  I mean, it’s actually a compliment if you want to capture someone isn’t it because it means you find them interesting?  It’s taken me a while to get this.  So, now these two think I am a weirdo with an interest rather than just being a plain weird.  I think I can live with that

#mypictoday  Out and about today, I saw this huge puddle on the floor and with the dramatic sky, I wondered if I could make it look like a mini lake.  If that makes sense.  I had no idea this woman was even walking towards me until she almost trod on me.  Looking down at me in my puddle, she raised her eye brows and said “bit chilly today isn’t it?"  Fantastic understatement.  I had no idea I had captured her until I looked a bit later.  Minimum edit too.  The photo really did come out this dark

(Countdown … 27 photos to go …)


#mypictoday  I wandered back in the church again for some peace and quiet today.  No, I’m not particularly religious, I just find it so calming.  The light streaming in through the stained glass windows was really beautiful.  I couldn’t resist taking a photograph.  I genuinely cannot decide whether I prefer this shot in colour or in black and white, as each one creates such a different mood.  So, here, have both.  Tomorrow, I may going back after work in the afternoon.  Something else there caught my eye but I ran out of time …

#mypictoday  Where I live is, for the most part, flat and well a bit brown.  It is agricultural land afterall.  However, when the weather is grim, the landscape becomes striking.  So, on days like this, I take a walk up a local lane which runs alongside a huge muddy field to see whether anything grabs my attention.  Today a disgarded poppy badge.  Blowing along the road.  Alone.  Abandoned.  Unloved.  Just like the solitary rain drops on the stark branches.  After I took this shot, the poppy and rain drops became my inspiration.  I will post the results on my flickr account later, and may be add a link here if I get the chance.

(as promised, link to my flickr account

#mypictoday  This shot is important to me.  Yes, it is of course a photo of the beloved Pup and she is important to everyone, even Old Man Tom.  But guess what?  I took this photo in … wait for it … Manual!  Yes I did.  Me.  All by myself.  Well almost, some credit must go to @oldtownpaul, I have been picking his brains an awful lot lately.  I am probably being thoroughly self indulgent but I think those of you who have got to know me will realise how petrified I have been of the “Big M” and that this is pretty important stuff *does a little dance*

#mypictoday  It’s finally here.  The day I post my last photo.  And this is where it all began 366 days ago.  In a room with a white christmas tree where dreams are made.  By a special girl.  My Little Miss.

The last year has been an incredible journey and I feel privileged to have shared it with some amazing people.  But the journey doesn’t end here.  Some of you are carrying on, some just moving house, like me.  It will feel different but it will be a good different.  I have really enjoyed everyone’s blogs and I am looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for you.  But don’t go disappearing on me now.  Make sure you leave me a forwarding address.

I have also learned a lot about myself.  I am a lot stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.  My opinions do matter.  They matter a lot.  But head and shoulders above any of that, I have learned that there is something that can actually make me feel good about myself.  I love taking photos.  I love looking at life through a lens.  It suits me so well.  And seeing as it has taken me some 30 years to find out, I am not letting go of it any time soon.

So that’s it.  It’s over.  Done.  Finis.  All that’s left to do before I make my way to my new home is this …

*flicks the off switch*


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#mypictoday  I suspect you will either love or hate this photo.  It is a completely accidential cock up.  The old guy you can see caught my eye and I managed to get to get two shots of him.  The first was fairly sharp but too distant and then there was this one as he crossed the road.  It’s out of focus and blurred.  But I think the ghost like effect is quite fun

#mypictoday  As my penultimate photo and the last I will post here in 2012, this scene I captured today seems perfect.  Looking back … was your year a good one, were there too many downs, could you have done with a little less rain?  Well whatever the last year brought you, let’s hope the year to come brings us all something a bit special.

So that’s the looking back thing over and done with, go be drunk and merry or whatever it is you do on the last night of the year because tomorrow is … well always tomorrow

#mypictoday Meet not Allan “Fingers” Floyd but Fred “Fingers” Floyd. His name really is Fred. He really is a biker. He really owns a Harley Davidson. And … wait for it … he really is 69 years old. How I plucked up the courage to ask him if I could take his photo, I will never know but I am pretty sure I must have had @illgiveitago on one shoulder and @oldtownpaul on the other whispering “go on, go on” in my ears. So, for @illgiveitago and @oldtownpaul here is Fred “Fingers” Floyd up close and personal*. Apparently, he appears on many a woman’s screen saver.

*despite my best efforts, this is one of the better photos I managed to take. You can see me reflected in his lenses. I tried to edit my way out of that but it looked crap. Oh well. In my awe, I completely forgot to ask if I could come back with Lola to take some better shots. But he was so friendly and he is always always always standing at the burger bar, I can’t see that being a problem

#mypictoday  While Eloise was at a party this afternoon, we spent a couple of hours around our friends’ house.  There is nothing much to speak of in their village but I went out for a mooch anyway.  I came across this man washing his car.  Parked up his drive was this bright blue tractor.  He said it was okay for me to take some photos. While I was snapping away he told me it was a good 50 years old (it looked it) and then asked me if I was shooting in macro!  Even for a old guy, he knew some of the jargon.  On the way back home, my heart sunk because I remembered that I had forgotten to adjust the ISO setting.  It was a bright sunny afternoon and I just knew most of the shots would be over exposed.  They were. This was the only shot that was half way decent.  I need to take my own advice:  Slow down and think, think, think