Today I’m officially opening my Etsy shop and in celebration of that, of recently reaching 26k here on tumblr and nearly 15k on Instagram I decided to host a giveaway. 

There will be TWO winners: 
1st place gets to pick 1 of ANYTHING listed on my Etsy shop.
2nd place gets to pick any bookmark. 

1. Must be following me.
2. Must be willing to to give me your address but I promise not to stalk you.
3. No giveaway accounts allowed, sorry not sorry. 

How to enter:
Reblog this post as many times as you’d like. Each reblog will count as 1 entry.
I’m also hosting this giveaway on Instagram and the winners will be picked randomly. To up your changes of winning check the giveaway post on my Instagram account

Winners will be announced Monday, February 1st. Good luck!