I’ve had a couple of off days, so my internet presence has been minimal. But today is better, so here’s an outfit. Same boots as ever, dark blue jeans, raspberry-red tank and the vest my dad wore when he married my mom. Accessorised with jingly bracelets, because I like the sound they make, my new headphones in black and gold, which also make pleasing sounds, and a pen in my hair, which was pointed out to me as I took the picture… That’s how I roll :)

I’m kinda happy with this outfit though, because it fulfils my newfound criteria of wearing more colours and and brighter colours. Because I like colours, but I’m kinda intimidated by wearing them. Black and dark purple and blue are the majority of my closet and they’re easy. Black matches everything black… But this outfit has made me smile everytime I’ve seen it or heard it (I really like the jingly bracelets).

Todays outfit: baggy jeans, black tanktop and pink cardigan.

I poked my nose around some other outfit-blogs and someone had a long post about how fashionable Swedish people are all the time. I think not. I feel like one of the reasons I wanted to start posting outfits is because I’m not. Sure, I think self-expression through fashion and make-up is fun, but all the time? No. I do however think that the outfits we throw on when we’re too lazy or uninvolved to do more than dress from habit says something about who we choose to be. So this is an everyday outfit I put no thought into other than keeping myself dressed and warm.

Todays second outfit, ready to go out to a beachparty in the middle of winter :) Striped dress/top in various shades of blue with butterfly hairclips as decoration, dark blue jeans, rolled up and a pair of red converse (not seen here). Accesorised with a wineglass of organic white wine.

(Todays first outfit was beige cargos and a black tank-top, for doing laundry, completed by socks so worn my toes were peaking out. Just as I had finished up and was leaving the laundry room a neighbour came in with her own basket of laundry. Her outfit: Black hotpants, gold decorated top and a pair of sparkly gold highheels and in full and perfect make-up. She was more dressed up to do laundry than I am to go out… To each her own…)

Have thought a long time about doing some sort of outfit of the day posts. Mostly to make myself get in to the self expression and creative side of fashion again. So here goes… Black mc-style boots (i live in these during the winter, they is awesome), black skinny jeans, black 3/4 sleeve shirt and a light blue tunic my mom knitted. And hair that’s a big mess, because I prioritized sleep this morning… :)