7devilsinmyhouse  asked:

Hug! I'm sorry you got torn into when you were only trying to say, 'please Internet fellows, be nice and polite!' I feel the same way. If you don't like an actor/story/set piece, don't watch/read/listen or what have you. If a director/writer/actor is generally a POS yeah warn. Other than that don't hate on others interests.

*hugs* Thank you my dear! That is exactly what I was saying. I think we as fans who are part of the same fandom should do our best to get along with each other and not fight over silly drama. I thought I was pretty clear about it but not everyone will read it the same way and will assume things based on what they want to believe. But it’s okay, something like this will never ruin my day! I appreciate followers like you who understand that. It’s much more fun around here when we’re nice to each other! ♥